If The Red Shoe Fits by larkinwilliamson

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Intro: M/F,cougar,older woman younger man,shoe fetish,erotic,hot,shoe sex,oral sex,oil,orgasm,sexy,pink panties ripped,sexual


She stood at the storefront window, gazing at a pair of red high heels, mounted on a crystal stand.  The price...$900.00.  The snow was blowing and sticking to one side of her long, black fur coat.  Her dark sunglasses fogged above her full, wet lipstick red lips. She turned quickly and stepped beneath the entrance canopy.

Young Alan Helman came from behind the counter and rushed to unlock the door.  He had been watching her from the shadows of the stock room.  He opened the door slowly and said,"Hello, we don't open for another hour."

She smiled and said,"I'm always open.  I really don't want to wait.  I want to buy the red shoes in the showcase."

Alan smiled and said,"Well, okay...I don't think the boss will mind for a good sale. Come on in."

He opened the door wider and she stepped by him while unbuttoning her coat.  He watched her as he closed the door.  She flipped the hood of her coat back and let the fur fall from her arms, exposing her very white skin.  She let one arm of the coat fall off and reached out her other arm for him to take it.

Alan took her coat as he scanned her curves under the tight aqua green, silk mini dress.   He could see about three inches of her bare upper thighs above the black lace hosiery.  Snow was melting from her knee high black boots.

Alan smiled and thought,"Those are hot!" She turned, looked at him and said,"Please turn off the flourescent lights, I hate them."  Alan was putting her coat on a hangar as he cheerfully said,"Anything for our customers her at Jonel's Botiuque."  He hurried to the stockroom entrance, reached behind the wall and flipped two switches.  Only the cut glass candle shaped lights remained on.

Alan stepped quickly back to her and asked her to please sit in a black, wing backed chair.  She smiled as she removed her sunglasses revealing her beautiful green eyes.  Alan stood close to her and guessed she was maybe 5 feet, four inches tall.  He smiled and looked at her boots and said,"You like like about a size six or maybe six and a half?"  He couldn't help notice her cleavage. "So damned perfect," He thought as she gracefully sat down, put her silver purse on her lap and softly said,"Size seven."

He said,"I'll be right back," and started to walk to the stock room.  She spoke out,"I want the ones in the showcase."  Alan turned and said,"But maam, those, I am pretty sure are a size 4 or 5."  She commanded,"I want the ones in the showcase." Alan exhaled, walked towards the storefront and grumbled to himself,"Great...a fucking diva."

He reached and took the ones from the glass stands.  He carried them, scooted a small bench in front of her and sat on the bench.  She looked at him, smiling and said,"Remove my  boots, please."  He looked up at her face as she raised her right leg, propping her boot heel on his knee.  She was absolutely gorgeous.  Her straight black hair was cut just below her chin.  Her bangs cut just above her painted eyebrows.  He thought to himself,"She has got to be in her late thirties, maybe early forties.  Damn...this woman is so hot!"

The nineteen year old clerk was about to find out the real meaning of,"Hot."

He slowly unzipped her boot and removed it.  She put her right foot down and raised her left boot, propping it on his knee to take off.  He could see a faint pink lace between her legs.  Alan was getting a little warm.

He took her left foot in his hand, picked up the red shoe and began to place it on her toes. He could see there was no way the shoe would fit.  He embarassingly said,"I don't think."  She quickly scooted forward in her chair and slid her foot to his crotch.  He finished," will fit."

She began rubbing him with little circles and said after biting her lower lip,"That's not where I want to try it on."

Alan blushed as he felt blood rushing and swelling.  She smiled and commanded in a sexy tone,"Take your clothing off."  Alan looked surprised as she repeated herself,"Take your clothing off young man."

She pulled her foot away and could see the bulge in his trousers as he nervously stood up.  He pulled his white shirt tail out quickly, then loosened his tie.  He said with a trembling tone,"I should close the shades."  She smiled and nodded.  Alan lunged to the window corner and loosened the shade string, lettin it fall.  He made sure he locked the door and rushed back to her while pulling his shirt off.

She remained seated as he asked,"Aren't you taking your's off?"  She grinned wide and said,"That's your job."  He growled,"Oh hell yeah," as he unbuttoned his trousers, letting them fall and stepping out of his shoes. He stood naked about five feet away from her.

She picked up one of the red high heels and told him,"Come here young man, time to be fitted."  Alan grinned and slowly stepped up to her.  His member was half stiff.  She reached for it and began fondling him gently with her fingers. 

In seconds, he was fully erect. Alan stood stark naked, his brown eyes rolled back while gripping his curly blond hair with his hands. She pulled him closer, a few inches from her face and slipped the high heel over his rock hard penis.  She gently pushed the head through the toe opening. She lifted the heel and placed the red strap behind his scrotum and adjusted it.

Alan was looking down, grinning.  He didn't care what crazy ass thing she was doing, it felt good. She reached in her purse and took out a tube of oil.  She cupped her left hand and filled it.  Alan moaned with pleasure when she massaged the oil on his flesh inside the shoe.  She smiled and said,"About three inches protruding from the tip, perfect."

She stood up in front of him, raised her dress and ripped her pink lace panties off!  She went to her knees, grabbed the heel and the end of the shoe and began flicking the head of his penis with her tongue.  She slowly raked her lipstick covered lips back and forth, kissing it gently...driving him wild!

She put her hands on his sides and slid them up his body as she stood.  He pulled her dress off and tossed it on the chair.  She commanded him to not use his hands, just lick her nipples.  Alan did as she said.  He licked one, then the other. They hardened and protruded as he slid his lips and suckled.  Still, with the tube of oil in her hand, she backed him away, soaked his penis and the red shoe while she smiled and moaned.

She dropped the tube, turned and bent forward.  She spread her legs wide and commanded him to enter her.  Alan looked down at his extremely hard member, the head and part of the shaft protruding from the shoe tip.  He smiled and eased up to her luscious open, pink and warm flesh.

He gently inserted the head and grabbed her hips. He pushed forward and just the tip of the shoe went in.  She  wiggled her bottom, moaned and groaned,"Ram it!"

He did but she moved forward.  He reached and pulled the wing back chair in front of her and told her to grab the arms on the chair.  She did and he humped forward hard.  More of the shoe went in but not all of it.  She screamed,"Come on boy, fuck!"  Alan gripped her hips tight and rammed her hard!  She squealed and moaned loud,"Harder!"

He slammed into her as hard as he could and sank the whole thing in.  She screamed,"Now...faster!"  Alan spanked the sides of her bottom and began humping fast.  She suddenly pulled forward, kicked the chair over and laid on the plush red carpeted floor.  She spread her legs wide to invite him.  Alan knelt down, leaned down to mount her and eased his hard flesh and the oiled leather shoe into her.  She reached down, slapped his ass with both hands and moaned,"Give me all you got!"

He began humping slowly.  She could feel the wideness of the shoe spreading her flesh and the heel kissing her beneath...partially penetrating.  She spanked him hard and screamed,"Go...go!" He grabbed her arms and began ramming hard!  She spread her legs wider and raised to him as he pounded her mound!  She cried out,"Oh...oh damn...oh hell!  Her eyes rolled back in her head as her muscles tensed and then released with tremors of pleasure! Her toes bent and popped as she screamed,writhed and trembled!  Alan felt her gushing as she raked her fingernails over his back and down his sides.  He kept humping but just couldn't get to his orgasm.

She pushed him off, had him stand, got on her kness and went to work on him. She gently removed the shoe and had him spread his legs, still standing as wide as he could.

She took the head in her mouth and began spanking his ass with the shoe.  He was about to scream,"That hurts," when she took every inch in her mouth.  He felt her rolling her tongue on the botttom of the shaft. She spanked him harder and harder!  He began uncontrollably shaking and humping.  He could feel his seeping head in her throat. She started gently rubbing his scrotum faster and faster. He screamed as he felt his testicles pull inside his abdomen with the help of her fingers.  She tightened her throat muscles and the first pump blasted a warm stream as he grabbed her head!  He humped forward, growling, while unloading his flesh as she slowly slid her lips from his throbbing hardness.  He screamed,"That was fucking awesome!"

She looked up at him and softly said,"I do love those shoes.  I hope you take Visa."