Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

DANCING ON THE PSYCHO PATH, by Faustine A. Guerrero
Although classified under the somewhat fuzzy rubric of "Erotica", this is truly just Literary Pornography, meant to moisten and harden.

Facing cuck up to it, by Velvetnest
'He know that I riding you bitch?' Gregor asked her. He ran his cock head against her lips. 'He's pretending not to know' she whispered. 'Well' said Gregor...

Strangers On A Train, by PorkyPieman
An orgasmic train journey for two strangers who "bump" into each other aboard a crowded train.

The Last Flight. Chapter 24, by annamagique
The end... or maybe, the beginning.

The Military of Rule Number One is to Survive Chapter 6, by harrylime
It was accomplished with only a minor squeal of surprise and they were joined together like a single person using his long shaft as a lever to peel away the layers of her internal onion until he reached her hidden inner core of passion.

Why Women Go Out to Lunch, by kiwiYarns
Believe this or not this example of disgusting behaviour explains why women go out to lunch.

A casual cocking, by Velvetnest
Three times now Jenny has gone with a complete stranger, but the first time was by far the worst...

IRA & JESSIE part twenty three, by lexiemueller
his saturated balls feel strong and potent as they smack against her tender under parts

Photographing Jenny, by Stix
Jenny's mum brought Jenny into have photos done for a modelling portfolio. F/F Mast.

Shemale Surprise: Fallon’s Ballet Lesson, by janus
F/TS: College lass Fallon loves cock, even unexpected cock.

The Strange Corruption of the Malloy Girl, by harrylime
Sensing that time was of the essence, I merely spread her naked cheeks open and aimed straight for her recently shaved slit with some degree of focused concentration.

Amelia Peterson III: The Pool Party, by Draia
Blake shows Amelia who's in charge at the pool party. Het, Spank, D/s, Slut

Chula Vista Dreams - ch. 02, by Green_Man
The coming of age of a stepson continues in Southern California. M/F, Oral, Inc

Shemale Surprise: The Substitute Teacher, by janus
2F/TS: Two college tarts get the surprise of their short intense sex lives. Starring Talisia and Zoe from Principal’s Discretion and introducing Roberta.

Tunnels, tracks and trains, by Amalova
A morning commuter encounters a handsome stranger (anal, fist, rim, WS)

Beat the forfeit, by SaintofSinners
Stripping naked and being spanked in public is all part of the game if Alisha or Kara are going to win tonight's jackpot prize

Cupping Boobs in a Crowded Bus, by kiwiYarns
He said calmly on the verge of insertion it was best he knew her name before he banged her.

Mrs Morrison's First Time, by cruiser
Horny housewife Mrs Morrison sees her chance when virgin boy Adrian fixes her car - then fixes her frustrations! (m/f).

The Darkness Club Vol 3, by Stix
Susan had told Mary about the club, but would she go? F/MM

The Girl of my Dreams, by harrylime
I was turned-on by the way she was almost panting with release of sexual energy and the way she showed her trust by letting me take charge of her every movement.

A Trip down Memory Lane, by Anukis
DP, Anal, Exib, BDSM, HJ. Oral

Banging in the TOON (The games people Play), by AliJ
M/F Slut Group

Close Call, by Melody
My sister doesn't put out, but I sure do!!

Gift Wrapped for a Final Fuck, by joanmcarthy
....even as his erection throbbed deep inside my body trying to stretch itself up to my cervix and the hard buttons of my nipples pushed into the flesh of his chest I was touched that the urgency of his sexual needs had been suppressed in favour of this intensely intimate moment.

Ray Takes on the Universe, by Heaven
Ray is on the run from her past but it keeps trying to find her. She'll do anything she can to survive.