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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Undress to Impress, by cruiser
Linda discovers how to get her contract renewed - with some help from her bosses' sex mad daughter! (m/f)

Why I want to spank you, by upstart
I love to spank women. Please allow me to explain why. Then please consider if you would allow me to spank you. Thank you.

Flip flop, by JamesRTickit
Bondage, beating, banging and bed

Ripe Women – 05 of 14 Parts, by kiwi spinner
Scott sends money to his ex-wife to deal with his realisation that he may have contributed to the break-up. His sexual focus turns to an older married woman - Zoe.

Thats not my Husband - Part 14 written by Peppercorn Fox, by Peppercorn_Fox
The evening in the lounge continues, MM and FF. More gentle than last saturday

The Fall of Kevin Cousins, by kiwiYarns
Immoral Kevin became the fall guy. His new girlfriend took revenge on his behalf as she intended to put the squeeze on Kevin with a filthy proposal.

Big and beautiful, by JamesRTickit
Two bigger women want sex

Chatty Cathy Hits a High Note Chapter 1, by harrylime
Amy and Heather did their level best to convince me that it was not really Taboo because we were second cousins and and not brother and sister.

Hannah: A Husband's Humiliation (Part 1), by fablesofanhedonia
a dominant young wife humiliates her naked small-penised husband

Journey's End (two), by Green_Man
The end of life can often bring the greatest joy. M/F, Oral, Anal, Spank

My Wife Became a Stripper, by Gustav.Jorgenson
cuckold, hotwife, wife sharing,slutwife, threesome, group sex, stripper, exhibitionist

Oh Laura, by kiwiYarns
Laura's dress was removed exposing a pair of delicate blue briefs and a matching and very sizeable bra.

Ripe Women – 04 of 14 Parts, by kiwi spinner
Scott calms an older married woman the best way Scott knows, getting her away several times in the one night, which must be rare for any married woman. That adultery pays off for Scott because Zoe and her straying-prone husband will entwine in his life as Scott continues the quest for success.

Thats not my Husband - Part 13 written by Peppercorn Fox, by Peppercorn_Fox
The evening continues in the lounge room, MM and FF

The exhibitionist at the exhibition, by JamesRTickit
Exhibitionist and oral

Ripe Women – 03 of 14 Parts, by kiwi spinner
Scott continues The Journey and his landlady's granddaughter rumbles with him. He seizes an oppotunity to photo-shoot in a professional studio and the unscheduled shot that also shows the model's aroused camel-toe is greeted as a winner.

Sessions With My Shrink Chapter 2, by harrylime
Amanda pulled up her wet panties and looked at the smiling doctor now back behind his desk with his huge cock hidden inside his trousers.

Thats not my Husband - Part 12 written by Peppercorn Fox, by Peppercorn_Fox
After dinner the couples retire to the lounge and enjoy the evening, Mike and Simon make a start

Who is coming for supper?, by JamesRTickit
Mutual masturbation, but I do most of the work.

How I Met Your Mother Maeve, by kiwiYarns
The kids found out their mum's big secret of how she earned money from the age of 16.

Look and Listen, by JamesRTickit
Webcam mutual masturbation MF

Pork Packers Convention Party, by harrylime
He groaned just a little bit and that made her feel good because she knew it meant she was doing a good job taking care of her guest's needs.

Ripe Women – 02 of 14 Parts, by kiwi spinner
During a fascinating stay banging a farming widow, her best friend and neighbour and then the friend's daughter as well as working for them and interacting with everyone splendidly, Scott hits the road again to resume what he now calls 'The Journey'.

Thats not my Husband - Part 11 written by Peppercorn Fox, by Peppercorn_Fox
Claims are made, reassurances made, dinner is had

Up the Amazon with a razor, by JamesRTickit
shower time fun

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