Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

28 day lock up, by Velvetnest
I have kept a diary, the first month locked up by Kirsty. We started because she wanted to date Calvin.

Doris & school part 2, by dorispiggy
doris was very "busy" during her 4 yrs of school

Going Down on Hubby’s mom-[F-19]-(forced-girl/girl-spankings-69)-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe

Kevin’s Mom-[SW-21]-part-1-of-1., by charles-smythe

Best Daddy Ever, by Green_Man
A daughter goes to visit her Daddy and he gives her something to remember. Inc, oral, anal

Depressed and Overweight, by Macaw!
A fat girl gets picked on but a boy defends her as he thinks she’s cute. She tells him she’s depressed because boys are not good enough. He’s determined to show her that he is, and to make her lose weight.

Let's not make a fuss, by Velvetnest
Let's not make a fuss, the captain said. Andreas is fucking your wife, we will make it right….

My first encounter-[GF-53]-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe

Theirs-(B-09)-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe

A Concerned Teacher-[F-51]-part-1-of-1., by charles-smythe

Doris & school Part 1, by dorispiggy
doris needs 'attention' . this 'need' starts early in life

Matilda part 3, by downshorts
1930's spanking

Now I know how it feels [G-57]-(blowjobs/sucking cocks-swallowing)-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe

Pegging Peter, by Velvetnest
Oh Peter, if only he knew half of what prompts what I do. The dildo, the pegging, my sweet husband!

Rescuing Julie., by Camilla
Sometimes there is no way to avoid it.

Lunch Time Surprise-[SW-16]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
eating cream pie-

Nothing Too Crude., by Camilla
Working with a female model is very hard!

The King's Mistresses, by Sam Cunningham
Queen Colleen was the perfect wife in and out of bed. King Karl kept several mistresses because he liked to have fun with three beautiful women all at the same time. MFFF

We three, by Velvetnest
I get off the back of Marcus's Harley and we stop to kiss. David arrives in the car, we're here together, to tell them how we live.

Ass to Mouth-(CS-69)-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Safina, by JamesRTickit
Palace Guard saves his Queen from assassins

Shooting Range, by janus
M/F: Jenny may have won the target shooting but I fired off beautifully into her backside

Slouch Belt, by Velvetnest
There in the vintage clothes shop it was. The exact slouch belt that my wife wore when nephew Lee fucked her.

submissive doris & her husband Part 3, by dorispiggy
submissive, rough dirty sex

The last day of school brings an old friend with a surprise., by QuickComfort
M/F, Sexting, Oral sex only, high school. He didn't hesitate and wrapped my wet hair around one hand using it to move my face back and forward slurping on his cock.