Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Eating Out Veronica, by kiwiYarns
The highlight of the morning was gushing the visitor Veronica

Fanticies, by rat-tails
Working as a receptionist in a psychiatrist's office Felicia goes into and out of La-La land as she erotically fanticies about the patients.

Tied off, by Velvetnest
After the vasectomy I'm sore bloody sore. Chloe whispers, 'well done..that's you sorted'. She kisses me fondly.

Sexual Truths Acknowledged, by janus
5M/6F: Les/Het/Anal/Group/ Inc: Recalling what really happened when Darcy went courting Ms Lizzy: including a guest appearance by the officers of the regiment especially for Kitty and Lydia.

Darcy's Younger Cousin Chapter 2, by harrylime
I am suffused with shame that my recently experienced and most depraved "troika" of lust stayed firmly implanted in my thoughts as I joined my spouse in our bed.

Miss Pink gets rosy, by Marymary
Be patient – a slow start to the story leads to a nice climax (or two). M/F, fingering, oral

Pounding Bodies: part II, by joanmcarthy
As the flames of ardour roared furiously in the circle of our bound together bodies, Chris pounded me to an orgasm; a back arching, call his name out, scratch his back orgasm that had been building inside me all night.

Snobby Bitch Sex, by Velvetnest
Look if I go with someone he will be better than you..she sneered and not just in bed!

Wonder Woman faces a dangerous foe

Zwee Zwee Tickles., by Camilla
Out of the frying pan, into the arms of Zwee Zwe...

Birthday Treat., by devonman
Busty wife, agrees to allow husbands friend, to strip her,for a birthday treat.

6 AM, by DeliaRae
“Tony is in the room sleeping.” Danny looked at her with a smirk of a hungry beast “That means nothing to me.

A Typical Friday Night, by Mags
Another Friday at the Pub... (anal;MF;cum-slut)

Blended Family Part 5, by Dirty Knees
I guess I thought getting a blowjob was pretty much the same no matter who was delivering it. I was wrong.

Desktop Pornstar, by cruiser
My work colleagues desktop picture of his sexy wife leads to a raunchy photo session and more! MM/F

The pledge, by Velvetnest
Joe and I, we signed. The pledge that we'd raise our wive's and their black lovers kids. We're white well educated and we see this as a means to change.

The Tongue and Groove Club, by Marymary
M/F & F/F; bondage/captivity; oral. Virginia, the girl in this story could have been me. I had accepted an invitation to a ‘party’ from someone I had only just met, but panicked and ran out after I realised that I was going to be the entertainment for a group of men.

Two Interesting Events, by Anukis
Exhib, Slut, HJ, Oral

Birthday present, by Marymary
Vanessa is given a very special birthday present. Oral (M/F; F/M; toys, a little hint of bondage

Exploring New Terrain, by janus
1F/3M: Het/DP: Tanya looks like another androgynous off road biker all geared up for a new trail. Guys and their one track focus on their machines. What will it take for them all to realise how hot and randy Tanya is under all that common gear?

Gently, As I Enter, by Green_Man
A young girl's bus ride becomes intense. M/F, Het, Exhib

Milking Tommy, by Velvetnest
It had been a week or so, Gina thought reluctantly, a week whilst Tommy's cock had been locked up and she had been going with Clyde. She would need to milk her husband's cock.

My unseducable wife ...seduced , by arwyvern
I never thought anyone would ever be able to seduce my wife, but the thoughts I had of her being taken by another man had gnawed away at me for several years without her knowing.

Nursing staff, by andy8192
Nurse Maria administers the best possible medicine to her incapacitated patient

The Last Flight. Chapter 12, by annamagique
Dreams? Nightmares? Fear!