Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Martha Takes the Case Chapter 8, by harrylime
It was just a matter of getting her up on her haunches and entering her from the rear to make her grunt with the exact same rhythm with each deep thrust.

Obedience, by stilettobunny
She is given until 10am to physically and mentally prepare for the day ahead!!

The Lonely Professor, by Aust4casta
Lesbian, SoloF, Toys. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out for very long, so she switched on both the rotating motion and the clitoris stimulator on the rabbit. Alarmed at her arousal and urgency for release, she pushed the little toy to its highest power.

A Mother's Torment: Part Thirteen, by chathudson
Mother and daughter, on vacation in Mexico, are kidnapped by drug kingpin

Full Inspection, by janus
F/M: Het: Petite Ms Shelby May has a subtle lithe light body that is ready for sex in a male’s fantasy position. Married realtor Mr James arrives to make a conditional report. Will he inspect the house or inspect Shelby?

Grannies little earner part 1, by sandyford
d/s voy. gaining control

Mutual Masturbation, by stilettobunny
Both dressed up, horny and ready to go!!!!

My Best Friend's Dad, by enigma
'I'm asking you to fuck me the way you really want to fuck me.' I told him. I could tell a part of him had been expecting me to change my mind. He exhaled sharply, but reacted immediately. I felt him reach down and position himself at my entrance.

The Good Neighbour, by Aust4casta
Het (M/F), Oral, SoloF

Trading My Assets 5, by alivorst
Carly expands her sex business by taking on two more regular clients

A Fantasy Fulfilled., by northbound35
Her hands were playing over her thighs, creating tiny rivulets of shimmering nylon which rippled in the wake of her dancing fingertips.

A Mother's Torment: Part Twelve, by chathudson
Mother and daughter, on vacation in Mexico, are kidnapped by drug kingpin

Blackmailed by the boss chp 8, by missanonymous101
Interracial sex, domination, discipline, fingering.

Catering to Individual Needs , by janus
F/M: Het. The barmaid at a private function gets it off with a suited guest. No names are shared in hot, opportunistic and immediate big cock sex.

Emily's Seduction - part two, by Green_Man
The seduction continues for a stepfather and stepdaughter. Het, M/F, Voy, Oral, Massage, Feet

House Calls - Call Four, by rat-tails
For their incesteous behavior Mr. Marks is commissioned to cane frail Agatha's stepson and stepdaughter as they are bent over her walker while she taunts them.

Mirrors, by stilettobunny
Watching in the reflection I suddenly realise she has rumbled me!!

My journey into the world of cuckoldry. Chapter 9., by jrpmtp
1. American at hotel. 2. Felix, Marie's story. 3. Cliff and Ron. 4. Mateusz. 5. Logan and Osman. 6. Ian, the driver. 7. Two Romanian drivers. 8. Dutch driver.

My Six Massauses , by harrylime
She sank down all the way to the hilt and I could feel her pulsating around my hard shaft like some sort of vibrating masturbation device.

Second Summer 6A: What did you do with Kate (part 2), by joanmcarthy
Karen continues her questioning of Greg about his past with Kate.

The Last Flight. Chapter 4, by annamagique
Is this the end of the road for Karen?

A Mother's Torment: Part Eleven, by chathudson
Mother and daughter, on vacation in Mexico, are kidnapped by drug kingpin

After Hours , by janus
2F/Les/Insertion/Finger Fucking:Trudy is left in charge of a restaurant clean up with a new nerdy employee after hours. Trudy can’t resist Georgia’s young shapely body. Trudy wants to push the geek girl to new sexual limits but what has she unleashed.

Games Night, by stilettobunny
Sexy games with sexy consequences!!

House Calls - Call Three, by rat-tails
Mr. Marks canes late teen Randy in front of his foster mother and two foster sisters. During the course of the caning, done while the mother knits, the sisters looks change from fear to glee.