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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Ignoring the Signs, by marlowe
Het - Heterosexual sexual relationship (M/F, Gen)

Pheobe plays the game, by francull
punishment, humil

Skinny dip, by Rogue Flyer
Third in a series of life at destination of an airline crew. In this story the pilot manages to persuade a young cabin crew to go skinny dipping with him.

The Burger Barn Bitches, by benawriter
Supervisor gets tricked into giving employees a raise FFM, oral, hand job

27.New Toys...Chapter 7;Part 2:Deep In The Woods, by NewLeaf
M/F. F/M. Het. Mild D/s. Spank. Voy. Cass and Martin "come out" to one another. Unbeknownst to them, their foul-mouthed stalker watches from nearby, dreaming of extortion. *This installment contains profane, harsh, and sexist language*

An irresistable 'Lady of the night', by Nitemoves
Back in his room, they were quickly naked, her on the end of the bed moaning, her legs in the air, his face buried between them, licking her insanely. Incensed by the smell and taste of her

In-house Sex for City Solicitors, by KiwiCreator
Solicitors need a sex break at work too and this firm proved to be the innovator.

It Started With the Anti-aging Supplement, by harrylime
She showed him her style on her knees and then she showed him her new youthful attitude bent over the back of the sofa.

My Aunt. Chapter 16, by annamagique
Victoria has a terrible shock

My Late Commute, by NabuBlack
Forty something business executive takes a slightly different journey home with an interesting result. (m/f, hj)

Pheobe gets the rest, by francull
punishment, humil

The Dinner Party, by tiffanyblakeman
A dinner party quickly leads to Jenna's sexual awaking.

The Result of Technology, by Sobekneferu
HJ, Oral, Anal

A Pornographer's Tale, by Canaryguy
Mariann and Erik are into pornography - as in making it for true connoisseurs of this noble art!

Adventures in Florida (part one), by Green_Man
My wife and I visit Florida, and I hook up with my little submissive. Het, M/F, BDSM, Oral

Celebrating Arrival of New Year with Public Orgasms, by KiwiCreator
A wonderful feeling of mutual release occurred on a crowded dance floor for two strangers as they erotically brought each other off hugely.

Lighten Up, by janus
2F/2M Het: A masseuse and masseur couple lead a husband and wife into a frenzied frantic foursome

Mister Boggles Gets a Cell Phone, by harrylime
"What's an old bloke like you doing with a girlfriend? Does your wife mind?

punishment times for pheobe, by francull
punishment, humil

Voyeurs' Paradise, by cruiser
An advert for porn movie extras starts the cameras and the fun rolling! m/f

Claiming you, by Nitemoves
Hearing you moan, your thighs clenching and your ankles scraping on the sheets has my cock jerking under me

Cousin Jane, by monika

Office disciplinary guide for female employees, part 4, by SaintofSinners
Use of the ruler and cane to punish female employees, including several case studies

Raise the Jolly Roger Chapter 2, by harrylime
Impatient now, Mrs. Robinson pushed Grace's head down lower and she was soon inhaling the heady scent of female pussy filling the tight quarters.

The lift descending, by Amalova
A battle-weary killer shares a ride with something even more deadly: a desperate woman.

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