Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Dwayne's black prong, by Velvetnest
Oh wow, Jenny, she told me so much, about what was going to happen once Dwayne had control of my husband...

Express Action: The Cornfield, by janus
M/F: Dogging, a dildo corn cob and shucking a virgin

It just happened-[G-36]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Summer Job (Chapter 7), by Twist

Westside Motel, by cch_217
Grace, Tom and Robert in a motel threesome

Yin And Yang, by Mags
Opposites complete one another (FF; oral; adoration; lust)

Anna and Sam Chapter 02, by annamagique
She was naked now, bar her shoes and stockings. She was so gorgeous I could hardly breathe!

Express Action: Roadies and Groupies, by janus
2F/2M: Isabel and Tamara crave groupie sex with their pop idols. Two roadies know how to deal with this kind of sneaky backstage mischief.

Mother and Me, by Drywall
My mother, my sister, me and dirty afternoons

Photoshoot Fantasy, by Cece Fetiche
It is a cool summer morning and I am on my way to my first professional photoshoot. I had always enjoyed showing off my body and have alot of admirers from the amateur shots that my voyeristic lover had taken and uploaded of me in our boudoir

Surfing my daughter's new man, by Cannon
M/F older MILF

The Picnic, by papasmurf

Caravan Park Girls, by janus
3F/M: A politically correct married guy encounters genuine slut trailer trash

Hired Gun From Santa Fe Chapter 6, by harrylime
He did his level best to remain respectful of her female sensitivities but he sensed she was the type that wanted something a bit more exciting and rough so he gave her a good healthy spanking on her bare bottom right over the teacher's desk.

Mother’s Day Surprise, by janus
M/F: Giving mom breakfast in bed on mother’s day takes on a whole new meaning for a young lad.

People Eh?, by dixiedean
spank, S&M. S finds M, M finds S, but they don't know it.

Post penitentiary black, by Velvetnest
John showed me a pic of Otis, the black guy fucking him in gaol. Otis said he was taking me too when he got out.

The Correct Postage, by harrylime
"The next time you will ask my permission first or I will have to spank you good and proper for your naughty behavior."

The Slutty Bridesmaid Part 5 of 5, by SJW
"my insides were on fire, it felt like he was going to rip me open, he was a monster and he was thrusting like an animal. I was biting down on the bed sheets..."

Body Works, by janus
F/2M: A young mistress damages her sugar daddy’s car. Quick repairs come at the price of twice her pussy’s capacity.

Photo-shoot Gone Wild., by XANDA
Alex's shoot was exactly what she had expected...and more.

The Slutty Bridesmaid Part 4 of 5, by SJW
"He was like an expert guitarist playing his favourite tune, every motion of his fingers on me sent waves of pleasure through me..."

The Submissive Lady 01, by alivorst
The young workman returns and persuades 'the lady' to ride her horse out to a disused quarry where she performs a sex act on him.

The witch, by Cannon
M/F losing virginity

My Little Sister's Girlfriend Chapter 30, by harrylime
Her bouncing bum was too much for me to ignore and I pounded her harder than I had originally intended.

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