Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

The Sauna, by Joystick
M/FF A steamy challenge

Vegas Baby, part 3--The Conclusion--maybe, by WA499674
FF, FFM, two couples go to Vegas and try every combination possible

Big Bad Mike Chapter 6, by harrylime

Doris & chat rooms, by dorispiggy
doris loves to masturbate as much as possible at work "discretely"

Driving Her Crazy, by Anonymous1989
Erotic/ M/F / Oral / Anal / Threesome

In the Hot Tub-[SW-37]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Margo and Dinah Chapter 5, by Sam Cunningham
On his first visit to the dance hall after losing Margo, Gary meets Dinah, cheerful, vivacious, and with a fascination, even an obsession, for Gary's body, especially his male organs.

My late commute, by kerrblythe
A businesswoman takes a journey home a little later than usual. The consequence is more than a little interesting. (m/f, hj)

Video Submission , by janus
College girl Jalinda Price needs to pass her video course. Her teacher insinuates a sex tape will get that pass. What transpires is kinky submission.

Woodie and Jim, by JamesRTickit
Another couple join the family inheritance.

Doris & school Part 5, by dorispiggy
Doris is starting to take on older males

I gave her a ride-[E-171]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Life changing-[CS-26]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Luke Looks Like Lucy, by JamesRTickit
Sex, sex more sex and a bit more. Continuation of Family Inheritance

Matilda part 6, by downshorts
1930's spanking/anal

Sumi discovers her true self. voy, exhib mast. m/f, by Stix
Sumi wanted to know what it felt like to expose herself

The Babysitter's Virgin Asshole, by carrycockburn
An older man's erotic fanasies of his cute eighteen year old babysitter's asshole come to life. Het, Anal, Oral

The Boss' Wife, by Alison44
Exhib, Het , Hotwife, HJ, Oral

The Runaway Schoolgirl Chapter 4 conclusion, by harrylime

The way of pleasure, by annx

Unexpected, by Laura_Vaughn
Hotel doors are loud by design - and after being left in a room with nothing but a blindfold, a vibrator, and an overly-active imagination, the sound of the key in the door sounds more like an explosion than an entrance. The sound of it shutting, indicating that I am no longer alone, is deafening.

Raise the Jolly Roger Chapter 4, by harrylime

The Turkish Philosophy Student In London, by Stokeadh

Turned into a Cocksucker-[CS-60]-part-of-1 , by charles-smythe
public cocksucking

VEGAS BABY PART 2, by WA499674
MMF, FF, FFM, Two couples go to Vegas to share each other in as many ways as possible