Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Orgy on Our Cruise Ship, by Richard Saxbee
My girlfriend and I get away for a short cruise in the Carribean. It started in the hottub and finished with an orgy.

Shootout in The Badlands Chapter 9, by harrylime
The widow put her hands on the former bounty hunter's backside and pulled him in close so his cock was knocking on her vaginal front door.

The Adventures Of Nikki “Nipples” Nicastro, by Stormbringer
Slut Wife. The story revolves around a wife who gets an experimental breast augmentation that makes her nipples ultra-sensitive and thus very horny. She finds herself thrown into situations where she can’t resist giving in to the men she encounters.

Traveller Justice Pt 2, by Privateer
Coachwork,Men,Troopers,Ladies, Sex,Shooting.

A Day's Work, by upstart
A personal request from a woman I do not know, and yet want

Beer Garden to Bedroom - Take me home and fuck me, by Nitemoves
Rising up over her, his cock leaving a wet pool of precum on the sheets, he stared into her eyes as he pressed the swollen head of his cock to her entrance

Blackmail, Chapter 1, by FuckingRosieAndJess
Rosie and James are both University Students, and James has something that will have Rosie wrapped around his every wish.

Double-Room, by marlowe
Het - Heterosexual sexual relationship (M/F, Gen)

Jenna's lesson: Chapter One, by Kman123
FF, Bond, Oral

The Hitcher (Part One), by Mark Jones
M/F, Solo F, Oral, She locked the door and leaned against it, undid her pants and ran her hand through her panties tending to her uncontrollable urge as she closed her eyes.

A Man Searching Pt 1., by Privateer
Farming, Lady, Fighting, Sheep, Cat, Dog,

All a Misunderstanding, by harrylime
That gentle touch on her button gave her that fluttery feeling deep inside that always made her sob and whimper with happiness.

I'm tired, by thatgirl
We've all done or heard the "I'm too tired tonight" But how about when that takes a different turn?

Lady Tentacles Need Love Too, by RandomWriter
Just what the title says. PWP and Xenophilia.

The Temp....Part Two, by TemptMe
M/F Anal....Rimming More sex in the office

Uncle teaches molly a lesson, by francull
Molly gets sent to uncles to teach her about life

With Mister Jennings (Young woman/Older man), by geronimo_appleby
19 y/o Robyn lets the neighbour fuck her.

Apple Thief #2 , by C. C Rain
MM/F, M/F, het. Jamila is desperate to find Alaa and become his trainee. Thought journey is dangerous and some not that pleasant encounters occurs - but not without new ally - before she is able to find what she was looking for and maybe something more. Note: Jamila is 18, despite she gets called as 'kid'. Just for clarity. :) Please, leave feedback!

Charlie and the Seven Sisters Part II, by harrylime
The thing that gave her away as a virgin was the way she twisted her hair around her little finger and searched mindlessly with her other hand for her pussy mound like she was checking to see if her secret slit was still there. Also added Part I which I didn't find on the site.

Cinema Goers , by andy8192
An immersive cinema experience

Diane, by drew
anal massage masterbation big blond

Just You, by Mags
An illicit meeting in the woods sparks passion - MF, exhib, voy,

My Aunt. Chapter 08, by annamagique
Victoria finally becomes a woman

A Business Trip Surprise, by Nitemoves
Her legs opening wide before him to reveal her smooth shaved pussy. Already those soft pink inner lips were glistening wet.

Breaking Marie part 4, by Goofiegumdrops
Marie's session with her new dominant mistress