Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

The Doctor let him Cum in her Mouth, by caffieri
Grant was having trouble getting an erection but the beautiful Doctor Fowler knew just how to deal with his problem. oral sex, sex, role playing

The gang gets gang banged, by emmazoe
Elly expressed both our thoughts. “We’re fucked aren’t we?” “We will be soon. Well and truly and many times over and over.”

Yoni Footfalls; An Erotic Anthology. Creeping Ginny, by sweet malinda
an older cougar eyes a younger cougarette, Female Female D/s switch

A Tale of Two Sissies-Part 2, by fetgirl
Petra submits on her knees, a golden shower follows...

Across the Room, by Baycat
People aren't always what they seem. M/M, A, Horror.

Brandie And Sherry, by Green_Man
Our Brandie becomes educated in the love between ladies. F/F, Oral, HJ

Caught, by BananaAnn
M/F, Voy. Katelyn is surprisingly aroused when she spies her boyfriend cheating.

Didn't know it was called dogging, by dave.looker
We just like doing it

Exploring the LARGER side of my fantasy PART 2, by KregDelian
Having found what he likes, he goes to talk to Abbey about what happened. However things take a different turn. M/F, SoloF, SoloM, Oral, HJ

Fran Ash’s Rise and Fall in Sydney – Ch. 03 , by kiwiYarns
Just as Fran feels she's settling well into her new life in Sydney she finds Ned has lied to her about attending boat shows; details of his relationship with another woman emerge.

Licking out Sherry, by Velvetnest
Dear dear Sherry, she was having a tough time. It was time that my girlfriend had a treat. It was time that cucky Colin my hubby started lapping between her legs.

My Journey into the World of Cuckoldry. Chapter 20., by jrpmtp
1. Alan, Nick and Gareth. 2. Steve, Richard, Paul, Gordon, Carol and Jan.

Playful On A Train., by PlayfulKitten
I thought his eyes were going to burst from their sockets as he felt my sexy foot suddenly press into his groin.

Tonguing the Hairy Snatch of a Dancing Girl, by caffieri
Sherlock Holmes solves his most baffling case yet by digging deeper and deeper into his client. Into his client’s story! That’s what I really meant to say. oral sex, anal sex, detective sex

Trading My Assets 12, by alivorst
Carly becomes Carla, partner to a famous black footballer. She enters a new life of celebrity after splitting from her family home and undergoing a messy abortion to avoid the risk of bringing a white child into her new relationship.

Feeding Tony…changing me, by Velvetnest
Tony calls me a hot wife. Garth calls me his 'bitch'. I feel like a slut. But those nights, when I come home after fucking with my lover and queen my husband, making him lick out my sex, well…they change so much. There, Tony is waiting when I come in the door with that puppy dog look on his face.

First Time, by PussyJess
Two best friends find out about their extra benefits.

Fran Ash’s Rise and Fall in Sydney – Ch. 02 , by kiwiYarns
New arrival in Australia Fran Ash makes the right moves to appeal to her employer and her first assignments come in including a very lucrative one involving a campaign series to promote Melbourne as a holiday destination for people in the UK.

Orgy at the Brolin's, by caffieri
When a young couple, who have never met before, are invited for a sleep over at the Brolin Mansion, they didn’t realize that bets would be taken on whether they would end up fucking each other. sex, oral sex, voyeurism, orgy, masturbation,

Brandie Tastes Better In The Morning, by Green_Man
Introducing my niece to something new. Inc, M/F, Het, Oral, Anal

Granny Wilkins Sucks Good, by caffieri
A man admiring boats suddenly finds his hull getting waxed by a salty boat owner. sex, oral sex, boat sex,

My first time., by muixenc
A hardcore "First time" story about love, incest, and breeding.

Randy Neighbour Nails Him, by kiwiYarns
The woman next door is pestering him for something and Ned soon finds out what she wants from him.

The Last Flight. Chapter 8., by annamagique
Karen has another visitor

Tony Goes Down Chapter 2, by harrylime
It was the photo of the long thick black cock poised at the entry to her defenseless backside that caught my attention. Her face was raised and easily recognized despite the second black cock in residence.