Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Addams Hand, by Sam_Devine
Who is who's fantasy? He couldn't believe his fantasy was coming true, but so was hers. het oral

Alas poor Yorick, by blackwatereagle

Alley Kat, by LaniHughes
Kat never should have ventured down Burton's Alley...and now she would pay the price. F/F/M/M, oral, anal

I make you Cum. Hard., by hunter14
Oral sex and fingering.

Ruby and Coral Riding, by janus
F/F Coral and Ruby share the riding crop

Smoke Alarm, by M Robinson
Sarah Lewis has a passionate visit from a Fireman

Strangers At A Party, by Wildi
An obedient lady lets a stranger do all kinds of things to her in the bathroom at a party. …even lets a friend of his join in. Anal. DP. SoloM. S&M. Slut. D/s. Oral. Spank.

An Unexpected Liaison., by Camilla
Picked up by a man at a service station and bought coffee and cake.

CUCKOLDED, by Atticus

Fantasy Girl, by Stokeadh

Sister-In-Law Comes To Visit, by northbound35
Newly divorced Emily was a woman with desires....

Tribbing the Light Fantastic, by cousinsd
Katrin owns a chateau in the south of France and has a very complicated relationship with one of her maids. bi, oral, a mysterious cock

Xrathi Mind Games 3, by Corona
Sci-Fi / Eroticism (Xeno, BDSM, M/F)

Alice's Adventures in a Nuclear Power Plant Chap.1,2&3, by harrylime
He elected to use her mouth because she was pretty sloppy down below and it worked out well being impossible to read with a cock in the mouth.

At the Game, by LeWorc
A story about a woman and a girl sunning themselves near a pool. The girl’s father and the woman’s husband are inside with their buddies, ignoring the ladies as they watch the big game. The women explore how far they can be ignored.

A wife's flashing activity stirs her husband to action.

High heels and domination part 1, by wishfulthinker
Sexy woman goes to a bar and selects her slave. M/F HJ. crop. light bondage.

I Am Not a Cocktease...Dammit!, by cousinsd
A woman waits till closing time to decide she wants to get laid and ends up with an asshole and no place to do the deed. Oral, bi, het, anal,

I Need a Medic Please! (part3), by Venatrix12
” I took the fact that the knot didn’t give when he pulled that it would do. Instead of tickling I ran to living room and came back with my medic and pulled out my scissors and smiled a devilish smile “I’ve been dying to use these ever since I bought them” He just looked at me and I could tell he di

I tease you, again., by hunter14
I love how you respond to my touch..

Xrathi Mind Games 2, by Corona
Sci-Fi / Eroticism (Xeno, BDSM, M/F)

A Circle of Arts CH 03, by Privateer
Artists,Sex,Poses, Lesbien Sex,

A lover for life - my daughter's husband., by GutterrhymesEsq
A mother-in-law, son-in-law affair. Frank was rich, young and handsome, his wife Pippa was away, his mother-in-law was there.

A Lusty Love Letter - part 2, by Sam_Devine
Could you be seduced by a stranger? Het

Angel's Education, by georgetyerbyter
Het, smoking fetish, M/f, teasing, submissive females, HJ, clothed sex, clothed HJ