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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Femdom Surprise, by vi47
My first visit to a Madam house gave me the surprise of my life

Former Pupil Woos Teacher, by KiwiCreator
This former pupil, now an adult, bowls over his former favourite primary school teacher.

Jacqui Scores, by cruiser
When Jacqui's in her sexy swimsuit no man can resist and she scores every time m/f

My Aunt. Chapter 18, by annamagique
Who does Victoria find in the garden?

Summer Visits (part two), by Green_Man
During summer break my Aunt Polly comes for a visit. Inc. Het. M/F, Oral, Anal

Caring for Her Victim, by KiwiCreator
She hospitalized him and yet he delivers to that woman (who while having sex usually thinks up knitting patterns) a romp between locked thighs they'll both long remember.

Double Cream, by janus
2F/2M: Pregnancy/Les/Het. While the girls lick whipped cream from each others breasts …the guys cream muff…

FantASSy, by SpencerF
A dream comes true as I fill your ass with my hot cock, with a surprise twist for me....

Adults Playing the Wheelbarrow Game - the real game., by GutterrhymesEsq
Sadie and Jake set the scene for a family orgy...

Sally, Sally, Pumpkin-eater, by harrylime
"He did it to my backside with his huge thing and I am going to convince your father that we simply must start to use that little trick on Saturday nights when I get him to feel frisky."

Snowball, by janus
F/F/M: Voy/Outdoors/Les/Het: A ski instructor provides sexual tuition for two very different women …who both up the ante on each other … for control of his cock.

The Escort Gives the Widower a Last Chance, by benawriter
An escort tries to satisfy a client and be more than an escort to him, FFM, threesome, HJ, oral

A Question of Gender, by marlowe
Het - Heterosexual sexual relationship (M/F, Gen)

Adults Playing the Wheelbarrow Game, by GutterrhymesEsq
Childhood pals and first cousins, Jake and Sadie meet after a long time.

Andy in a pre-Christmas Sandwich, by KiwiCreator
A young English engineer on a work exchange scholarship samples two Texan women sexually, a mother and daughter actually

Blackmail by the Boss chp3, by missanonymous101
The morning after.

Femboy's Awakening, by Flavio Matsunaga
Evyn, a 19-year old squire, has been caught playing dress up with the camp whores. When the Legion Commander decides to make an example of him in front of the entire legion, Evyn has no choice but to submit. But what will Evyn discover about himself in the process?

Fifty Seven Fifty, by TonySpencer
Jessica and Tim are on their honeymoon, but both have confessions to make, which could end their marriage before it really started. Het.

My Sister is a Real Witch, by harrylime
The closet door opened and we could hear the "Ohhs" and "Ahhs" from the other three females mesmerized by the sight of Fiona's cream pie ass and my dripping cock going back to normal.


Summer Visits (part one), by Green_Man
My Aunt Jen visits during my summer vacation away from college. Inc, Het, M/F, Oral,

The Escort Revisits the Widower, by benawriter
An Escort cannot help but return to a client, F/M, straight, sex, oral, hand job, fingering, intercourse, older man

A Wench Exposed, by KiwiCreator
The sensational voyage of Captain Blunt without his two usual wenches.

Cyber Sex Next Door part four, by TemptMe
M/F M/FFF More sexual fun, continued from parts one thru three

In The Hands of The Enemy Chapter 10, by harrylime
When she discovered the shaved head bathers were girls, it made their exploring fingers more erotic to her internal fantasy and she went into a satisfying orgasm that brought giggles and smiles to their faces.

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