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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

My $1,000,000,000.00 Mistake Chapter 1, by harrylime
This was chapter 1 of the story which I might have forgotten to post.

Secretly in an Old Bus Shelter., by Camilla
A young lady and an older man get it together in their secret place.

A Virgin At Twenty-five - part five, by Green_Man
My third lover takes me home to meet mother. Het, M/F, Anal, Oral

I see you, on the train, by trumpet900
Gentle voyeurism on the train.... leggings and a long sweater sometimes draw the eye.

Quetzalcoatl's Other Teeshirt. 10., by Camilla
A broadly gluttonous session of overeating leads to absolutely no chance of any nookie.

Wife's picnic table surprise...Part II, by JOHNKEY22
Wife, voyeur...

Women's House of Detention Revisited Chapter 2, by harrylime
She was trying to laugh and shout in indignation at the same time but I noticed she pushed her naked ass up higher hoping some of my heavy handed action would reach her puffy pussy.

Around the World with Professor Peacock - France, by rat-tails
Professor Peacock visits a factory in Nice that produces erotic games like pinball & then a playhouse show featuring a diversity of Flagellations

East Side Story Chapter 5, by harrylime
Lois felt so bad at letting Ramon in the other end that she reached out and grabbed hold of Reynaldo's already hard cock and leaned her head over to his ear and his smooth cheek.

Mother Of The Bride (Part 2), by northbound35
Her daughter's big day is turning out to be memorable for Maggie.

My Introduction To Cuckoldry., by jrpmtp
On discovering my wife's infidelity I become aroused. Subsequently punished and humiliated by wife's lover.

Rusty, by janus
F/M Het/Anal: Scott,divorced and new to the neighbourhood has to venture next door and wow is there an eye teasing and cock pleasing nubile backyard surprise.

The Essence of Julie Chapter 3, by harrylime
On the night before the big exam, we both sucked off the boys and then gave up our brown eyes to get them in a positive frame of mind for taking the stressful test.

Wife's picnic table surprise...Part I, by JOHNKEY22
Wife, voyeur...

A Virgin At Twenty-five - part four, by Green_Man
Mandy is my third, and she brings me my fourth. Het, M/F, SoloF, Oral, Anal, F/F, M/F/F

An illicit London meeting, by trishx
a couples meeting in a london hotel and what follows...

High Country Girl Hunt of 2015, by harrylime
Her wail of distress made them both laugh because it confirmed that they had just initiated a "cherry" girl into the art of getting fucked.

Quetzalcoatl's Other Teeshirt. 09., by Camilla
In which we try to get a Full English with only partial success.

To The Dungeon With Lady Margaret Chapter 3, by harrylime
She did her best not to give the spectators the pleasure of her screams of mortification as her sphincter was stretch and distorted to the very maximum of its limit.

Quetzalcoatl's Other Teeshirt. 08., by Camilla
In which I dream about using a nice new vibrator in the privacy of my own bed.

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans (Chapter 7), by harrylime
The girl was taking it like a champion and she let the fellow give it to her good and hard until he lost his ability to hold off any longer and flooded her rectum with his creamy cum.

A Virgin At Twenty-five - part three, by Green_Man
Having lost my virginity I find a third woman to play with. Het, M/F, Oral

Around the World with Professor Peacock - Holland, by rat-tails
In Amsterdam Professor Peacock sees a sophisticated BDSM show at a diner club where young men in tails are kicked in the balls and Dutch sailor boys are buggered with outlandish dildos

Dancing Wife 1, by Happy Hubby

Flying High, by shyboy
Mary's sex life takes off in an unexpected direction - UST Bi FF

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