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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Another kind of group therapy, by NabuBlack
John makes another visit to his escape, his new therapy group. But its a little unconventional.

At the movies, by Marymary
Mary hopes to enjoy a movie classic but gets a different set of pleasures (naughty ones). M/f, hj

Blackmail by the Boss chp1, by missanonymous101
Interracial, erotic fiction, bdsm, reluctance.

Brief encounters, by randyralph
Being a tour coach driver occasionally had its compensations

Margaret Lorraine gets her panties pulled down, by Nitemoves
She’d been craving hard cock for days now, something warmer and more alive than the six inch dildo she had been ramming between her legs for the past night or two

The Escort and the Widower, by benawriter
An escort is pleasantly surprised with her latest assignment F/M, oral, masturbation, older man

A Weekend Away, by Canaryguy
Vicky's husband John is away on business. He sends a very special weekend treat .... one that puts a big smile on her lips!

Blackmailed by the Boss chp2, by missanonymous101
Scent of lavender.

Busy Office/Brothel Bit of a Let-down, by KiwiCreator
In this office on-demand staff sex is encouraged as it stimulates productivity.

Maureen's Long Tongue, by harrylime
Maureen pressed her fingers into her clenched teeth trying her best not to shout out her appreciation for the anal stretching that made her feel so filled and satisfied.

Spank the Monkey Baby , by janus
2F/2M: Het/Anal: Buxom college aged care trainees Hannah and Danni ‘service’ geriatric mates Cyril and Clarey at the nursing home.

The Daring Dermatologist, by benawriter
Treatment for a sun spot never felt so good - F/M, oral, hand job

The Scent of Roses, by Sephiria-Tepes
M/F. Sephiria x Quinchaveous. Original from storyline.

The Teaser (Hot older lady), by geronimo_appleby
Jan goes out to exhibit her curves and gets picked up by a young man.

West in the 22nd Century : Apple Juice and Citrus (Part 1), by Kurt Rellians
Apple Juice, a locally acclaimed artist, is lured to the beach by her sex crazed younger friend

50 Shades of Mummy Porn, by NabuBlack
A short story about a guy who identifies an opportunity when lurking around the bookshelves of supermarkets. (very mild BDSM, mild domination)

A Summer with Gina (mature man/Younger woman), by geronimo_appleby
He's s smitten with the young Russian

Adventures in Florida (part two), by Green_Man
On our vacation to Florida I cheat on my wife with my submissive girl. Het, M/F, BDSM, Oral, D/s, Toys, Slave

Ignoring the Signs, by marlowe
Het - Heterosexual sexual relationship (M/F, Gen)

Pheobe plays the game, by francull
punishment, humil

Skinny dip, by Rogue Flyer
Third in a series of life at destination of an airline crew. In this story the pilot manages to persuade a young cabin crew to go skinny dipping with him.

The Burger Barn Bitches, by benawriter
Supervisor gets tricked into giving employees a raise FFM, oral, hand job

27.New Toys...Chapter 7;Part 2:Deep In The Woods, by NewLeaf
M/F. F/M. Het. Mild D/s. Spank. Voy. Cass and Martin "come out" to one another. Unbeknownst to them, their foul-mouthed stalker watches from nearby, dreaming of extortion. *This installment contains profane, harsh, and sexist language*

An irresistable 'Lady of the night', by Nitemoves
Back in his room, they were quickly naked, her on the end of the bed moaning, her legs in the air, his face buried between them, licking her insanely. Incensed by the smell and taste of her

In-house Sex for City Solicitors, by KiwiCreator
Solicitors need a sex break at work too and this firm proved to be the innovator.

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