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List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

She had it coming to her, by Velvetnest
Neither of us could pretend otherwise, Chloe wanted his kid and he was going to give it. I watched and listened, witnessing the pumping and the groaning….

Sister Angela's Bad Behavior, by harrylime
When her knickers were removed, the men marveled at the perfection of her buttocks and they ran their greedy fingers over her flanks in disbelief at her model-like curves.

Did he get cut?, by CutPaul
After our holiday and meeting Lucy and Adam and discovering anal sex and wife swapping. Did Adam turn up for his appointment to have his circumcision?

Sex Island - Part Five, by TheOenemal
The final part of this series. She's had enough fun with his mouth. Futa, TS, M/MFMF, BDSM, Exhib, FemDom, Anal, Oral, Voy, Bond.

Sir Robert's Adventures in the Holy Land Chapter 5, by harrylime
One of the men cupped the young girl's buttocks with shameful disregard for her privacy and I was filled with a sense of protecting her from the lustful desires of men with needs of the flesh.

Subliminal Seduction, by stilettobunny
Noticing the little things!

The Sorority , by Nox661
Young women do all they can to join the sorority

Uncle Ted is good in bed part 2, by JamesRTickit
Oral, Her mum watches her give oral and Gina is brought into the business

A Godless Love , by Brooklynauthoress
HET & BI: Chpts 1 & 2 - Could the way a person shares their love with another actually be sinful even if true love is involved? Does anyone have the right to tell you how you should share your love with another?

Doing business with Sonia., by cruiser
My boss Sonia and I go on a business trip, but sex-mad porn loving Sonia has more on her mind than work! (m/f)

Drawn back to the fire., by northbound35
Her mouth felt dry, her pussy wet. The slight chill from the air conditioning wafted over her and teased her tingling nipples.

Nude Reclining, by MsTrina
A budding French artist and his generously proportioned model M/F BBW

Penis Patrol, by Harold Jangin
Unexpected trail side sex for him, and another conquest for her. het

Preggo Baby Sitter, by janus
M/2F: SoloF/Les/Het/Anal: Randy, pregnant and bored; college aged baby sitter Mary, gets herself off in her sitter’s home. Caught out- she reignites passion between a husband and wife sexless for months after the birth of their first child.

Self Bondage, by stilettobunny
Obediance is the main ingredient in self bondage!!

Sex Island - Part Four, by TheOenemal
Part four of a five part series. He's just satisfied two dicks on centre stage; now it's time for his Ultra-Super-Special MEGA prize. Futa, TS, M/MFMF, BDSM, Exhib, FemDom, Anal, Oral, Voy, Bond.

The Loneliness of Linda Lonnigan, by harrylime
She opened her knees wide because she didn't want her new friend to think she was one of those girls that promised the world and teased with unfulfilled promises and delivered only frustration instead.

Three Caught Short, by shyboy
Me and my pal get down and dirty with a MILF Solo M Solo F Het MMF Oral Anal WS

Train surprise No2 part 2, by Stix
Suzie couldn't get his image from her mind........................f mast

Uncle Ted is good in bed, by JamesRTickit
MFF, oral, penetration, masturbation. Gina upsets her Uncle's girlfriend.

Het M/F Fet A new patient brings surprises

Wanderlust: Part II, by woodland_nymph
"Not being one to waste time, he pulled a knife from a sheath at his hip, tearing down the front of her corset and exposing her breasts completely." [M/F intercourse, cunnilingus, magic/fantasy]

Camping with my Cousins Chapter 5, by harrylime
I must shamefully admit I took no mercy on her and slammed her hard from behind making her reddened cheeks shake like Jell-O in a bowl.

Heaven's Scent, by MsTrina
Will Trina find true love, despite her embarrassing mishaps? M/F Fet Oral

Mary's Secret Lover, by Mysteria27
An eighteen year old girl loses her virginity. (First Time, Oral Sex, Massage, Straight Sex, Anal)