Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Duty-Bound (part two), by Green_Man
Private Lovall continues preparing for her wedding. Het, M/F, Oral, Anal

Liquid Sex, by joanmcarthy
I wrapped my lips around it, held my breath and slid them down the length of the shaft as far as was comfortable for me. There was something about the combination of my mouth and the hot water that amped up the sensation for Chris.

Studio Vice , by janus
2F/2M: Mum Brigitta is suspicious of her daughter’s photo shoot with a modelling agency and goes unannounced to check out the premises. Well she learns her college daughter Izzy has a stunning body naked and her daughter realises her mother can really shake her booty.

The Babysitter, by Nox661
A man gets the surprise of his life when he takes his babysitter home for the night.

Trading My Assets 22 Finale, by alivorst
Carla struggles to survive her misfortunes but eventually benefits from the death of a woman friend and makes a fortune. She settles into life as a respected courtesan in high society

Bad teacher Part 2, by SexyPussy

It Cost a Coffee, by annamagique
A mature woman, A coffee shop and...

A visit to the Psychiatrist Part 3, by SexyPussy

High Country Girl Hunt of 2015 Chapter 5, by harrylime
Once those boys got a scent of the target, they both seemed to perk up just like old hunting dogs sniffing a strange backside.

Tube Train, by andy8192
A stranger on a train makes it a journey to remember for Carol.

Marked territory, by Velvetnest
Cara smells of him, the fucking he has given her. He won't allow her to shower so when I take her out, she is still his property..

Memorable Wedding Night, by janus
William has no trouble recalling a memorable wedding night and the participants: his brother’s wife, Kate; his niece; Pip and himself. Plenty of big bouncy boobs, cute booty, useful booze bottles and even more outrageous alcohol fuelled antics.

Mirror image, by SpencerF
A view to a fuck.....

My Stepfather Needs Some Loving Chapter 2, by harrylime
The brothers were working in tandem making me go into an uncontrolled orgasm that filled the gym with the sounds of my shrieking pleasure.

Building a Scene, by janus
Carrie should have fucked Martin before he took her to the art house screening. A brooding film noire gets the frustrated lass creating her own memorable hot production in the back row of a cinema.

My Brother's Best Mate, by Melody
I had no idea that my fantasy would come true tonight! (M/F)

Seduction, Domination and Satisfaction, by stilettobunny
Title says it all really!!!

Trading My Assets 21, by alivorst
Carla leaves the street and sets up a thriving sex business in an apartment paid for by her part time lover. All is lost when her pimp murders her old enemy

A dream, by mason2015
An erotic dream that leaves one to wonder, what would it feel like to really happen

Duty-Bound (part one), by Green_Man
A love story in the army. Het, M/F, Oral, Spank

For ten and sixpence., by Camilla
A young man loses his pocket money.

Nocturnal Nurishment, by harrylime
It was a quick move to the comfortable sofa that soon found me down on all fours with one lad between my legs and the other riding my face with his rampant cock.

Revenge Part II, by stilettobunny
A sexual fantasy revenge part II!!

Test Drive, by janus
Local hot car salesman Nick is apparently a sure thing for any woman on heat: according to a friend of a friend. Fran minus her panties heads out for a test drive with Nicholas in an expensive convertible.

The Last Flight. Chapter 15, by annamagique
Karen finds a little peace