Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Yoga Warm Ups, by janus
2F/1 M: Les/Het/Anal: After her yoga class; hot instructor Charlotte hits on young Kimberley; only to be caught in the act by her personal trainer boyfriend Edward.

A Witch's Spell for the Minister's Wife Chapter 4, by harrylime
She liked his impetuous nature and reached back to spread her cheeks for him to have better access.

Back seat fuck, by Velvetnest
Sometimes parties take the wrong direction and this one did. Rachel was led out into the parking lot by bastard boss Clyde. Fuck it!


I.o.a.W. Book 05. Part 25., by Camilla
You can stop worrying now, this is the last instalment! In fact it is the last story I shall post on S.F. so it will be all downhill for you from here.

Little Miss Innocence, by cruiser
Sexy church-going student Emma takes up striptease and performs for her lustful tutor! (m/f)

Lord and Lady Mudford, by rat-tails
Lord Mudford returns home from Africa. After dutifully bedding Lady Mudford he has his ritualistic four o'clock treat of throating the new servant girl as she is caned.

One lady owner from new, part two, by Richie64
Mas/sub/exhib. How did he come to be purauded so easily? and will he stay.

SHE, by craigredding
Sharing my beautiful, sexy girlfriend for the first time: the build-up and the experience itself, in great detail

I.o.a.W. Book 05. Part 24., by Camilla
A bit of rape and pillage in the northeast of England.

The Naughty Masseuse, by harrylime
Before she realized it, Mister Hoskins had one of his hands cupping her bare ass cheek learning her anal geography with complete disregard for her input on the matter.

A Portrait Of A Lady, by Green_Man
Our artist friend sees his Madame one last time. M/F

All I Need, by Mags
I never dreamed this could happen

Hybrid Girls Have Special Needs (Revised 2015), by harrylime
This story is recently revised and is for 18 and older. Follow-up will be titled "The Niagara Project"

I.o.a.W. Book 05. Part 23., by Camilla
Partying but not as we know it mate.... Drinking meths and catching fire.

One lady owner from new. Part one, by Richie64
Mas/exhib/mild dom. Taken under control from day one, abused? used? or just pleasured? open to interpretation.

Topless for Charity, by devonman
Busty young wife,plays topless barmaid,to raise money for chairty.

Wife Asks for a Hug, by Gustav.Jorgenson
In skimpy bra and panties, wife asks husband's friend for a hug.

A New Babysitter, by kiwiYarns
‘Think of the fat lips of my pussy crushing your bloated…’

I.o.a.W. Book 05. Part 22., by Camilla
Watersports. Like polo, scuba diving and so on.

Kalinda Gets Rescued Chapter 3, by harrylime
She was on the verge of giving up entirely when she felt the first spurts hit her deep inside and she heard the grunts of his pleasure as his long white lines hit her on her suntanned skin after he pulled out.

A Portrait From Life, by Green_Man
A famous painter creates a portrait of a charming Madame. M/F, Oral, BDSM, WS

Blaire’s Invitation, by janus
F/M: Blaire got my attention with the widest leg splay I have ever seen a woman do. Spread-eagled sex followed soon enough.

Hard (on) Work!, by Harold Jangin
Mother and friend get shy son ready for college. het

I.o.a.W. Book 05. Part 21., by Camilla
The Farmer's Boy, his Mummy and going to a wild party.