Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Games and Vengence: Part Six, by kezzstar
After nearly 20 years of marriage, Drake and Kayla can still keep it spicy! m/f, fist

Spit Roast, by janus
2M/F: My mate and I ‘spit-roast’ my daughter’s bestie at a birthday gathering

Summer Job (Chapter 10), by Twist

A Condition of Utter Contentment. 02., by Camilla
Boring, far fetched rubbish, in four parts. Part two.

Diary of a Rock Star, by MsTrina
Evidence that a guy's imagination can get the better of him? Surely not. M/F Oral S&M

Emily's Seduction - part seven, by Green_Man
Emily goes back to her academy. Inc, M/F, F/F, oral, bdsm

Mr Durrant's Fuck Photos (Incest), by geronimo_appleby
Darren finds some dirty pictures.

My Paper Bag Blind Date, by harrylime
Bathsheba screamed quite convincingly when she had her first orgasm of the evening and she shuddered to a final conclusion without dislodging her paper bag mask from her pretty head.

Summer Job (Chapter 9), by Twist

The Swan Stripper (OUAT fan fiction AU), by Hookedonapirate
Killian despises even the thought of going to a strip club, but a certain blonde stripper might change his mind. - Het, SoloM, Oral

Trans-Siberian Railroad Part 1, by BiScandi
Leela is travelling on the trans-Siberian railroad and enjoying the Russian hospitality. F/2M, anal, DP

Working under my Father-in-Law, by janus
F/M: Mature cock super pleases a young sexually neglected daughter-in-law

A bizzare new life Part one, pursuaded., by Ricky64
Mass,toys,mild dom,exhib etc

Glory Hole Adventure-[GH-42]-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe

Kathy's Wet-T (Slutwives), by geronimo_appleby
Kathy and Ginger hit a bar in Cancun.

A Condition of Utter Contentment. 01., by Camilla
Boring, far fetched rubbish, in four parts. Part one.

Alice Grabs A Ride – part 4, by shyboy
A threesome turns into a foursome with some divine intervention Het MMFF Oral Anal

Bareback Collection (Cheating/Cuck, by geronimo_appleby
Four short stories with a common theme - wives and bareback sex.

The Cop-[GF-10]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
young man finds his true sexuality

Trailer Park Trash, by harrylime
She welcomed the attentions of her mother's lover because he was so familiar to her, but she insisted they remain of a covert nature to negate her parent's ire.

A New Kind of Undergrad - Chapter 1, by BiScandi
Undergrad arriving at university and being used by her dorm room mate. FF, D/S, Oral, Anal

Alice Grabs A Ride – Part 3, by shyboy
Alice and Dave find a playmate for a hot threesome – Het MMF Oral Anal Hotwife Bond

Dark parking lot-[G-79]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Pumping and peeing Penny, by Velvetnest
At the party, Theo is giving my wife a length..humiliating. Then though it got worse.

Sister Angelique and the Outlaw Chapter 6, by harrylime
The old timer Nevada came up from the riverbank and took a long distance shot with his Sharps buffalo rifle at the remaining fleeing thief and knocked him out of the saddle like the hand of God.

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