Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Our New Careers: Part Three, by chathudson
Married couple, down on their luck, is lured into world of prostitution.

Possessed, by janus
F/3M: Nudity,Group Sex: The bailiff’s repossession crew arrive on Phoebe’s doorstep and the cash strapped Uni lass is thinking: how do I deal with three guys.

Post Orgasm Delirium, by Depraved_Angel
A real story... once upon a time...

Song of Myself, by annamagique
“Oh wow! I love your outfit!” she gushed....

The Clairvoyance's Reward, by Anubis
Exhib, HJ, Oral

The Curse of The White Witch, by harrylime
"No, not your pretty lips, my silly girl, get down on your hands and knees like a good little girl and I will mount you and ride you into your first explosion of female happiness.

Two-timed-[GF-159]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
sucking cock

Welcome to the Hotel Exhibitionist, by NaughtyAnnie
A story about being naked in a public place. Exhib, FF

Calvin-[SW-15]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Our New Careers: Part Two, by chathudson
Married couple, down on their luck, is lured into world of prostitution.

The Morning After, by janus
2F/M: Voy, Het ,Bi , Anal: Halley goes to the family planning clinic desperate for the morning after pill but gets to see the doctor practice unsafe sex on the receptionist and then she participates in even more outrageous sex acts with the both of them.

A Glory Hole Adventure-[GH-69]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
oral sex

A Virgin Again 07, by alivorst
The lady awakes in a strange bed and is informed that her dominating lover is dead. His brother comforts her during the next difficult days.

Mrs Baxter's Boarding House - Chapter 3 (Threeway/Older woman/Bi-boys) , by geronimo_appleby
She introduces him to the darker side

Our New Careers: Part One, by chathudson
Married couple, down on their luck, is lured into world of prostitution.

Her First three some-[SW-12]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
3-some, blowjob, swallowing

Little Summer Dress. II., by Camilla
There isn't much to it really and it is practically see through.

Mrs Baxter's Boarding House - Chapter 2 (Anal), by geronimo_appleby
She wants him in her bottom

Wounds That Do Not Heal, by JamesRTickit

Mrs Baxter's Boarding House - Chapter 1 (First time), by geronimo_appleby
She's the mature and highly-sexed landlady

The Game-[G-185]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Get Well Soon, by JamesRTickit
Alternative Health Care

In His Truck-[GF-14]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
first time oral

Little Summer Dress. I., by Camilla
Sometimes the parties we go to get wildly out of hand.

Nightshift on The Pleasure Hotline Part III, by harrylime
The conference afternoon was highlighted by Doris's graphic exhibition of the ball-cock and I noticed several of the audience failing to hide the fact they were copulating orally in locked lap dance fashion the entire time.

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