Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Daddy's Afternoon Delight, by TheChameleon

Forbidden Relations 5, by alivorst
Part 5 of the story about the night a mother/son relationship turned incestuous. Forceful persuasion

In the shower (Skye part 2), by enigma
I couldn't take it anymore; I needed him inside me. I span round to face him. He grinned, knowing he was driving me crazy. 'What do you want me to do to you?' He asked me, knowing the answer already.

Late November in NY, by Jan6999
Needed to get laid, we met up with one of my old fuck buddy and went to the parking lot. Oral,BJ,Ass DP,pussy,cunt

Mrs Stone Teases (Exhibitionist married lady), by geronimo_appleby
Mrs Stone teases her boss.

My Aunt Chapter 4, by annamagique
Victoria witnesses something she will never forget!

Recycling Eggs After Midnight Chapter 2, by harrylime
The sound of his palms smacking into their soft rounded backsides filled the picnic area with obscene proof of their perverted desires.

Seduced by a friend, by LilH
Things get heated between too friends after they've had a little to drink before a night out. F/F lesbian, first time lesbian

The Camera Never Lies, by lanceileen
Once a star always a star. She was an icon of her day?

Tribute to Arno Dorian / Inspiration Assassins Creed Unity, by coffeebreakfantasies
UST - fast written tribute after watching the first Assassins Creed Unity trailer ... Enjoy ;)

Ecstasy Guaranteed, by LaniHughes
What's a girl to do when she accidentally takes a sex booster meant for her husband...and he's not around? F/M/M, SoloF, HJ, BJ, oral, anal

Intimate Conversations, by harrylime
"Please make me take it in my ass, Bill! I want you in my ass so bad."

Jan getting gropped in subway and later fucked, by Jan6999
Gropping leads to fucking a couple guys. dp,bj,ass,tits,cunt,pussy

More than Maids, by RandomWriter
It was her dream to be chained; she just didn't know it yet. m/f, BDSM, HJ, Oral, PWP.

Whyte Boi Ric-Chapter 10-B, by Mr. Fleetwood
Hustlerella's makes her move! Oral, Het F/F

"Jess", by Big Cat
“Of course I’m going to make you cum, silly girl!” she said

Another Day at the Office, by Gustav.Jorgenson
hotwife, cuckold, office sex

Carlos Hires Pussy, by KiwiCreator
An unexpected twist leaves Carlos with his hands full.

Coerced (Part 2), by Mark Jones
M/F Free from ethical boundaries, commitments and inhibitions made her wonder. There was an enviable rawness to this kind of affair, no complications, no considerations, no judgment; just pure physical satisfaction. Her husband always got home around 5:45pm, while school finished . . .

Hybrid Girls Have Special Needs, by harrylime
The orgy participants saw the way the hybrid girl shook and growled in consummate pleasure at the penetrating cock buried deep inside.

I had a hell of a Saturday evening, by Jan6999
BJ,Ass, Dp, Pussy,

Reflections , by GinaStuart
Oral, HJ

The Sunbather, by shyboy
Georgia and her man put on a show for their neighbour Het M/F Anal, Voy, SoloM

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in...Mom, No!!, by cousinsd
A young woman takes her recently divorced mother to Vegas to cheer her up and really, really cheers her up. Oral, anal, solof, incest, mother/daughter, het, threesome,

Dorie's Surprise, by TheChameleon