Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

A Night Like This, by Chogo

Broken Hearts need mending Part 2 The Revenge, by pollyharry
Read the First story before reading this....Anal,Bi,Het,BDSM,FemDom,Oral,CP

Fully clothed party trick, by dave.looker
My wife performed the most sexy lapdance I've ever seen

In Granddads Footsteps{nearly Fiction}, by Privateer
Blokes,Girls, Me Dog,Sex,Camping,

It Happened One Night..., by anth1818
An 'erotic' fantasy encounter

knockin on heavens door, by marlowe
Het-hetrosexual relationships (M/F.Gen)

Me and Mrs. Walker, by hedinsen
Two people on the rebound from bad relationship meet at Martha's Vineyard, MA. MF, Rom, wife-cheat

My Aunt Chapter 5, by annamagique
After the shock of bethany's flogging, Victoria embarrasses herself deeply

Parked, by janus
Het. College Car Sex. “Talk about a tight space and we are not thinking about her equally tight pussy here. Rather sex on the passenger front seat of a car.”

Reflections …. Part 2, by GinaStuart

The Long, Long Tongue, by caffieri
Young Shaun was born with an extra long tongue, there are some women who’d appreciate something like that and he happened to find one …or two. Het, Oral

Cindy gets what she deserves., by northbound35
Bent over the back of the armchair and wearing only her sheer, black stockings and a pair of fuck-me stilettoes, Cindy knew what she had coming.

Rough Sex, by Jan6999
I needed cock in me and called a friend, we met and his friend was there. rim,mfm.oral,ass,dp,oral

Shootout in the Badlands Chapter 8, by harrylime
Her shaven split peeked out at him from under her brown eye and he was drawn to its brimming lips ready for his resolute poking.

Slave to Pain, by coffeebreakfantasies
As pain brings two torn and battered souls together, pleasure might seal their destiny! Enjoy and feel free to comment ;)

The poor Postman..., by JOHNKEY22
Exhib, Hotwife, Spank

Whyte Boi Ric-Chapter 10-D, by Mr. Fleetwood
Jayla's patience is rewarded! Toys, double penetration

Disciplining Mrs. Proudbum, by harrylime
The combination of his thumb in her anus and the rest of his fingers in her slit had her humping up and down like a novice schoolgirl getting it for the very first time.

Forbidden Lust in the Old Oak Tree Woods, by lanceileen
My brother Trevor and I were very close. The woods had always been our very private playground.

The Biology Lesson, by cruiser
Two randy schoolboys' sex tutorial with their pervert teacher and his sex-crazed wife. (m/f m/m)

The Estate Agents Reward, by JOHNKEY22
Exhib, Hotwife, Spank

A Fairy Tale, by harrylime
As close to poetry that poor Harry can come!

Gang Bang, by Jan6999
I needed to get fucked by a few cocks now oral,dp,ass,rim, mmmf,pussy

Jimmy Tops Julia, by KiwiCreator
The two co-hosts are out of it and the show must go on. Julia nervously takes a co-host role and then the TV chiefs desperate to get a second host at short notice scrape the bottom of the barrel and come up with slime-ball Jimmy.

Seduced by a friend Part 2, by LilH
Id had mind blowing sex with my best friend Elena while we were getting ready to go out. Now in the club we are unable to keeps our hands off each other. F/F, public sex, licking