Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Cyber Sex Next Door, by TemptMe
M/F Oral. Fist An unexpected meeting between cyber lovers. Written with fellow author Drew

The Submisssive Housewife Chapter 3, by harrylime
The other two boys laughed at her gasp of astonishment and the way she jiggled her buttocks to dislodge the impetuous young man.

I Did it with Your Daddy, by caffieri
Emma is the kind of girl who knows which side of her bread's buttered, or we might say she kneaded his dough

I like you… but…I like your brother even more…, by janus
Les/Het/2F/2M/ “Sweetie I like you… but… I like your brother even more…we both need real cock…lets go get it.”

I Sure Did Savor His Party Favor, by cousinsd
A bored housewife worries that the really nice guy she’s hitting on is gay. Hint…he isn’t. oral, rim, het, bi,

Jan's first Orgy, by Jan6999
I remember my first orgy well and I felt it would make a good read, bj.cunt,ass,tits

My husband loves my panties, by Nitemoves
I love how it excites him, seeing that little triangle of material where my thighs meet. It arouses the fuck out of me knowing what its doing to him, how he isn’t just seeing cotton, but imagining my warm wet shaved pussy nestled inside them.

Seductive Neighbors (part one), by Green_Man
Paul seduces his neighbor's daughter. Voy, M/F, Het, Oral

Sexting, by SpencerF
How texting can be fun and naughty.....

unexpected elevator ride, by unsateddesires

Accidental Voyeurs, by sookienorthman
He knew she was aroused watching the two strangers start to fuck in her favourite position. Could feel every thrust going into that woman, and what she was feeling as her aroused partner drove his hard cock into her very depths right there onthe balcony f

After the Wedding, by KiwiCreator
After the wedding she begins calling the tune.

Anne of Lands End, by harrylime
Rodney drained his cock in Anne's mouth patting the top of her head to show his appreciation for her spendid cooperation.

Desktop dalliance, by Nitemoves
They had always talked about this moment and it was finally here. He was going to fuck her, right there on his desk, ram that delicious pussy full of cum and then watch it leak back out, right onto the desktop

Fun not Filthy, by Ben1234
The true story of a husband and wife's path toward an MFM threesome. Tasteful but written from a male perspective.

Is There a Doctor in My Ass?, by cousinsd
A woman with a libido problem goes to see a physician for help and gets so much help she can hardly bear it. anal, humiliation,

It's My Dick And I Want It Now! Pt.4 (final), by Emale
Now that I'm fully bound and completely vulnerable, she wastes no time...

What She Wants, by BananaAnn
M/F, F Oral, ... her sensuous body and the musky scent of her skin have him rock hard ...

Baby makes three, by Lev821
What is happening across the....? hold on, the baby needs attention.

Diane part 5 with Gail and words, by drew

First a Wank, Then He Sank his Plank in her Tank, by cousinsd
A high school student likes masturbating so much, she convinces her best male and female friend to join her. Solof, solom, bi, het, oral, voy,

Ghosts of the rainforest, by Amalova
A lone scientist seeks out a species thought by many to be extinct

I want some more - in my throat, by Nitemoves
Resting on stiff arms, he looks down at her, poised between her open legs, his stiff throbbing cock just waiting to claim its moist wet prize.

No Time Part 1, by Dirty Knees
slowly approached her and delicately kissed her soft lips. My heart was beating like crazy. She made no move or response. I kissed her again, this time pushing my tongue between her lips, finding the softness of her tongue and enjoying it. I pulled back, still no response.

Cumming hard on her nice wet pussy, by Nitemoves
Incensed by her scent and the taste of her on my tongue, I lap hungrily at that wet, parted pleasure, licking from her leaking drenched entrance, right up onto very the source of her agonising arousal.