Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Dorine - Friday evening, by JamesRTickit
Older woman, younger woman, masturbation, exhibitionist. More clothes porn.

My third and what I thought was to be my last…, by SJW
I ran my hands between his legs and was in shock, he was huge, double the size of any man id been with before and I was salivating just looking at his cock in my hand...

On a Wartime Footing, by harrylime
She quieted down and gave it all up to him knowing he was going to take it anyway.

Sex While on the Job, by kiwiYarns
She said approvingly, ‘Wow that ability to feel like a slut hasn’t deserted me'.

All in A Days Work, by kco54

Banging in the Toon (Back on my Back), by AliJ
M/M/M/M/F Slut

Greg the Sub, by JamesRTickit
MMF, sub, oral. Maria enjoys training a new sub.

JEAN GENIE, by Sun Tzu
Het M/F BDSM Bondage There are Genies and then there are Jeanies

Sally Smith is Sent to Sudan for The Summer, by harrylime
Sally watched the girl receive a new contingent of pleasure seekers and saw how she fell into a sort of sexual trance accepting and taking any depraved act that they imposed on her flesh with submissive obedience.

The second cock I touched..., by SJW
It was only the second cock I had seen or touched in my life...... I pumped him and loved the feeling of control it gave me

Unbearable Sweetness , by janus
F/2M: DP: Kendra lets her inner insatiable self loose in the polo stables

Wife Confronts Thugs in her Lingerie, by Gustav.Jorgenson
cuckold, hotwife, interracial,slutwife

Dorine - Friday afternoon, by JamesRTickit
FFFF, shopping and an orgasm

My first orgasm, by SJW
I had read about other women's experiences when they had an orgasm, id never felt anything like that, until I did it myself....

The Gym, by Nox661
A woman joins a new gym and has an thrilling first day...

Charlie's birthday treat, by JamesRTickit
Six women come simultaneously, with the help of one man's party trick

Losing my virginity, by SJW
I was 18 and ready but he was nervous, so I took charge and used him to lose my virginity...

Out of my League, by janus
M/F: How I screwed and buggered a soccer mum who was way out of my league

Thanksgiving Party, by cch_217
there is something about two guys

CALL ME 8.6.3., by Sun Tzu
M/F Het BDSM Fet A Beautiful Secret Agent Is Interrogated

Gina comes again, by JamesRTickit
MFF, bondage, oral, anal fisting etc.

My First Naughty Experience, by SJW
I was a shy teen but at 18 id become frustrated and decided to take matters into my own hands... and mouth

South of The Border, by harrylime
Dutch let his imagination run rampant with the thought that when the girls were voicing a deeper grunt in response to their poking, it was because they were taking it in their rear portal.

The Rewards from Desperation, by Anukis
Anal, Oral, Exhib, HJ,

The truth will set you free, by duende
Judy's new roomer leads to an unexpected sexual awakening. FFMM