Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

CLOSE PROTECTION (Part 2), by Sun Tzu
Helping out an old friend leads to Intrigue and romance.

The Miss Teenage USA Contest Chapter 4, by harrylime
Holly made certain she didn't get any of the hot-tub water in her mouth because that would be just too gross for words.

A child is born...just before, by GutterrhymesEsq
Het, erotic oil massage, pregnant sex, interracial.

Sandra, The Submissive Sister-in-law, by harrylime
He pushed her down onto the carpet on her knees and elbows for a bit of anal fun.

The Male Lesbian, by benawriter
Gary gets surprised in a bar m/f, oral, threesome, lesbian, submissive, femdom

Whore Time hypnosis, by slave4love1984
Femdom, Humil

Hand Delivered, by Nitemoves
“I want you” he whispered into her ear and her legs wrapped round him to draw him in deeper. With her pussy flooding with excitement and her orgasm approaching, she begged him to turn her over.

Afrikaner meisie got knocked-up after a one night stand., by GutterrhymesEsq
Het fellatio, cunnilingus, interracial. Partly based on a true story but unrecognisably altered.

Andy’s Chance Liaison - Jackie - 06, by KiwiCreator
Andy catches his wife using a strap-on on a plump and big tit woman called Jackie.

Caribbean King , by Stormbringer
Continuing the E&I Enterprises Story. Solomon King tours his Miami properties, and enjoys the white women (Interracial, BBC, huge cock, Male Domination).

Farm Life, by Privateer
Settling,Male,Female,Police, Church Minister,

An Old Friend, by TS
An old friend comes for a late night visit

Andy’s Chance Liaison - Gloria - 05, by KiwiCreator
The Mayor's petite youngest daughter takes a shine to Andy with inevitable outcomes.

Maid With Benefits (Part II), by cousinsd
The second part of a trilogy about a young woman who answers an ad seeking a Maid With Benefits. het,oral, bi,humil, d/s, solof,

Rose, by enigma
Rose decides to give her new boss exactly what he wants.

Sister Needle and Brother Hammer, by harrylime
She lifted her buttocks straight up off the bed and pushed with depraved intensity into his heavily muscled body.

Count the Condoms., by Camilla
I'd always been a careful sort of bloke where Cynthia was concerned. Not so some others however!

The Princess and the Pole-Dancer, by harrylime
It was a strange experience for him because he usually had to persuade females to spread their legs for him with promises of monetary rewards or declarations of eternal love.

The Stud Farmer's Daughter (Incest), by geronimo_appleby
She finds them in the stable after her ride.

Whyte Boi Ric-Chapter 4-B, by Mr. Fleetwood
Mia goes along for the ride... Bisexual, Voyuerism, Oral, Anal, & Toys

Andy’s Chance Liaison - Fran- 04, by KiwiCreator
Andy doesn't like his sister-in-law and she disklikes him. They finally have sex. How come?

Naughty When Alone, by BananaAnn
Voy, M/F, Anal. Impatiently waiting for him to come home... Silently, he eased the library door open a little farther as she closed her eyes and moved her hand to her thigh.

The Howl of the Beast - chapter 3, by Marduk
Anal, DP, Exhib, Oral

Andy’s Chance Liaison - Emma - 03 , by KiwiCreator
This adultress moaned too much but she offset that by praising Andy hugely.

Black Cardinal encounters her most formidable Adversary Yet.