Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

IRA & JESSIE (Fragment), by lexiemueller
As they danced, Pearl clung to Ira so closely that he could feel his erection poking hard into her belly and he fantasised himself buck-naked and Pearl impaled on it.

Now is Not A Good time to tell him., by Camilla
This morning he is losing his job and his wife.

Prom Limo, by janus
M/F: Katie doesn’t make her prom but the limo driver makes Kate’s body very happy

Shared with a Friend-[SW-19]-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe
husband shares wife with his buddy

The Babysitter and the Jealous Wife Chapter 1 (Revised), by harrylime
She had no doubt that eventually she would make them both pay for their thoughtless humping at her expense and she would make them both regret their impetuous and depraved disregard for common decency.

Travis-[SW-34]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Grandma and the Black Neighbour, by Sobekneferu
Anal, Oral, Exhib,HJ

My First Dick-[GH-45]-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe

Shame, by Velvetnest
I have an Earl habit. I have to be with him. I have to have what he does, what he gives.

Stacey's holiday stores pt1, by Goofiegumdrops
My casual fuck-chum Stacey shares her naughty/nasty holiday stories!

Big titted milf Jo-Anne's pub adventure , by Goofiegumdrops
3 guys can't believe they're luck when they go for a drink in pub run by a dirty landlady and her kinky fuckslut Jo-Anne

Calvin-[SW-15]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Canal boat fucking, by Velvetnest
It's intimate, said Sienna, so intimate. Well, it was. One canal boat, one woman and two men.

Cum Addict-[G-06]-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe

Doris & her stepson part 3, by dorispiggy
Stepmom, stepson, taboo

Dress Shopping with a Twist, by BiScandi
Young woman is made to rim and tongue fuck shop assistant's arse, before being forced to cum while fingered in her own arse.

Getting my revenge, by QuickComfort
M/F, humiliation.

In the Shower-[GF-26]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Sharing Cousin Nancy's Tent Chapter 4, by harrylime
He pulled her undies down just before the end to show the red stripes on her white cheeks.

The Massage, by Stix
Susan was married but when her husband went away for work, she indulged in a short escape with her friends.

Trespassing , by janus
F/3M: How my boyfriend watched me get screwed by two other guys

Confessions of a Private Dick chapter 2, by harrylime
I slid my fingers under the fabric of the thin bikini and she made no objection as I gently explored her happy hole and her tightly clenched rear door.

Doris and her vacation Part 2, by dorispiggy
doris, her stepson, her hubby's best friend on vacation

I want his baby. Just get over it!, by Velvetnest
Dillon is taking me away to Jamaica for 3 months. Patrick, distraught, but he'll have to cope.

IRA & JESSIE - a fragment, by lexiemueller
Thumbing back her little hood, he applies the tip of his tongue to her engorged clitoris. A shuddering cry breaks from her then, and she raises her pudenda like an altar to his face, and his tongue dives deep.

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