Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Emma's Latin Love, by Delano
Happily married woman encounters an old flame and the sparks fly! Het, Hotwife,

I See You, by ktz
She gets a little more than she bargained for on a lark. . . M/F, Voy, Exhib, anal, outdoors

Midnight at the Airport, by harrylime
She was totally ambivalent now not certain if she wanted Mark's long cock in her backside or Howard's devious tongue in the front more.

My Journey into the World of Cuckoldry. Chapter 24., by jrpmtp
1. Dimitri. 2. Daisy Bank with Nine Youths. 3. Alan.

Taking Trish, by Velvetnest
Listen, don't come down inside the narrow boat if you're a prude, or if you don't think men should take what they want. You won't like what you find.

The gang gets gang banged. Part 6, by emmazoe
My whole self aches to interact more completely with this perfect specimen of a man I’m sitting on and whose swollen cock, even as I feel this ache, is probing the inner most depths of my body.

Winners All Round., by janus
M/F Het: Her guy is watching the tense closing stages of his team in a big sports event. He’s super excited but that is nothing compared to what his girlfriend standing behind him has planned for them...genuine sex filled teamwork.

A Very Naughty Girl, by Delano
A bored wife finds a fun way to spice up their love life.

Auntie Janet, by cruiser
Auntie Janet likes boys playing with her sexy knickers! (MM/F)

Fran Ash’s Rise and Fall in Sydney – Ch. 10 FINAL, by kiwiYarns
Fran takes a break and teaches a guy how to discipline his toey wife. She returns to work in Sydney and models successfully but conscious that she's fallen from grace. Shje returns to England and thanks to Maggie pulling strings she falls back on to her feet and a leading agency grabs her.

Full force of the Law, by janus
F/3M: Het, Anal and Public: Watching the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade turns on Cassie’s need for risqué public sex. Two police officers catch her in the act and administer their own on the spot consequences.

Initiating My Daughter Sofia, by Green_Man
It is Sofia's turn to be initiated into sex. Inc, Het, M/FF, F/F, Oral, Toy, Bi, Voy

Long haul fuck, by Velvetnest
I don't like Ben, I don't worship pilots right. But he's coming rearward and my senior Jill tells me he takes what he wants. 'Its a fuck, live with it' she says.

The gang gets gang banged. Part 5 , by emmazoe
The crutch of her bikini feels like silk as it brushes my skin. Because they’re so small and tight fitting on her they seem to be part of her skin itself; not bunching or collecting as she moves, just softening the contact between our skins; rendering it frictionless.

Unintentional, by Mags
I didn't mean this to happen ... (lust, cyber affair, fetish)

Felicity Submitts, by Felicity
Strong flavoured Felicity is a lost young woman, easily influenced by the men in her life. She meets Davon, a very left leaning male with an appetite for domination. Felicity senses his keeness to dominate and bows in submissivness. Davin likes to live a lifestyle that pleases him, always, and fe

Fran Ash’s Rise and Fall in Sydney – Ch. 09 , by kiwiYarns
Fran's world of high-living, confidence and success comes crashing down on to her.

In the cards, by janus
M/F: Het: Dane in frustration at not getting the girl of his dreams asks his step sister Dannyelle to read his tarot future. What Dane thinks the cards mean and Dannyelle’s manipulation of them to end her stepbrother’s virginal state...well it’s all in the cards.

My Journey into the World of Cuckoldry. Chapter 23., by jrpmtp
1. The Seven Bikers. 2. Alan.

The cock grope dance, by Velvetnest
No problems man, Jeff was always ready to see me fuck his wife to be, but that mare the maid of honour, how ready was she?

The gang gets gang banged Part 4, by emmazoe
I keep having orgasms. A second, then a third. I’m still aware I’m screaming uncontrollably at the sexual pleasure he’s inflicting on me; just registering we now have an audience of everyone in the yard. But I’m completely out of control. Finally there’s a fourth as I feel him explode inside me; his

The Sloppy Dresser, by Anukis
Exhib, Slut, HJ, Oral

The Spankmobile, by rat-tails
No sex. Spankee and his wife make their daily round in the Spankmobile peddling their spanking implements from curbside.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder - Rung Four, by rat-tails
Grace and Fu team up to subject gullible Beth simultaneously to their respective fetishes of whipping and bondage.

Fran Ash’s Rise and Fall in Sydney – Ch. 08 , by kiwiYarns
Fran drops an abnoxious man on a harbour ferry with a knee to the groin, And then dumps a guy without dating him to meet his mother at a barbie as arranged because a another guy called her and foolish Fran, she was suckered.