Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Andy’s Chance Liaison - Emma - 03 , by KiwiCreator
This adultress moaned too much but she offset that by praising Andy hugely.

Black Cardinal encounters her most formidable Adversary Yet.

When the girlfriend is away, by Pigtails_
"Harry watched in amazement as his girlfriend’s mum thrust against the spouting shower water"

Andy's Chance Liaison - Dora - 02, by KiwiCreator
Andy's young office mentor Dora obviously lacked positive sexual experience and Andy considered it was his duty to mentor Dora sexually.

Archie and his Mates Chapter 3, by harrylime
The two girls rode the store owner at both ends giving him a ride to remember.

Countdown To Ecstasy, by cousinsd
A very angry housewife decides to fuck her husband’s best friend to get back at him but she’s on a bit of a tight schedule. cuck, oral, het,

Elena Part 5, by M Robinson
Dom sub, control, slave, spanking, anal, oral, pain

My wifes erotic cinema encounter, by 301
Enjoying being dominated by my wife and helping her to enjoy a stranger M/F Dom, WS, SM cane, stockings, stranger

The Wooden Horse, by NightOwl64
It's just a house. Yes, just a plain 'ole house in the country, sandwiched between miles of open farmland -- where a human scream might not be heard by distant neighbors. As far as you can tell, no one lives here anymore. So enter at your own risk.

Andy's Chance Liaison - Alison - 01, by KiwiCreator
Desiring more sex that he's getting at home, Andy starts a new job and immediately becomes promisuous - with the female business owner.

Coedwig, by annamagique
the beauty of the welsh mountains, a beautiful summers day, until Anna met Coedwig....

His Rules (Erotic Poetry), by Dream34
Adult, Erotica, Poetry

Little Man, Big Cock, by Stormbringer
Continuing the E&I Enterprises Story. Unpopular and ugly dwarf Lester gets enhanced to have a huge cock, a Christmas tale (Interracial, BBC, huge cock, Male Domination).

The Amorous Candystriper, by harrylime
The sounds of vigorous slurping behind the curtin put smiles on the faces of the all-male ward.

A Weed in the Garden Chapter 8, by harrylime
The poor girl was in much need of filling and I came to her support with an immediate transfusion of my seed-laden sperm.

Elena Part 4, by M Robinson
Dom/sub, Slave, Spanking, Control, Nipple clamps, bondage

ILYA & JESSIE Part eigteen, by lexiemueller
Never before has the canal of her cunt felt so deeply invaded, so swollen and so full. Het with a hint of bestiality! (This short piece has been slotted into part 17 and will be deleted from here when it has achieved my average number of hits.)

Sister-In-Law Comes To Visit Part 2, by northbound35
Tom had decided that his betrayal of his wife was a one-off, never to be repeated infidelity. Emily had decided the exact opposite!

The Date Site, by Sam_Devine
His toes curled as she reached his head, her pussy pushed harder into his thigh. He closed his eyes, moaned, as he felt his seed rush up inside him and eject itself in rapturous spasms.

The Howl of the Beast - chapter 2, by Marduk
exhit, anal,oral

Maid with Benefits, by cousinsd
A woman answers an ad for a maid and ends up polishing more than the furniture. bi, solof, fim, oral, d/s, hj, spank, himil,

The Legend of Queen Agatha Chapter 6, by Sam Cunningham
Anya was Precocious, at age 3 crowning Queen Agatha, at 9 joining her Council of Advisors, at 14 elected to the first Parliament. At 20 she exchanged glances with a new MP across the room, and she's as precocious in bed! het M/F !!!

A Touch of Summer., by Camilla
Warmer weather means wearing fewer clothes for some of us and none at all for others.

High heels and domination Part 2, by wishfulthinker
Dan continues to be dominated by a vixen in high heels oral. Bondage M/F

A Private Lesson with Aunt Laura, by doggy4Domme
Aunt Laura teaches Her naughty, perverted nephew a lesson he will never forget!