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List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Fifi Fuchs Ch. 01, by kiwiYarns
The first episode of a BBC light drama series appears to be turning a 20-year-old female into an overnight star because of her sizzling performance. And that's despite her awful name for her part of of Fifi Fuchs.

Office junior, by andy8192
Nicola screws her bosses over.

Territory, by Velvetnest
Last November I told Ellen, I wanted her to be Garth and my whore. We did it, he fucked her. We shared..but nothing stays the same forever..nothing.

The Last Flight. Chapter 14, by annamagique
Karen boards the flight home

The Virgin Bride of Doctor Hyde Part II, by harrylime
The hand at the back of her nicely coiffed head guided her mouth to his hardness and she rolled his sticky residue on the tip of her probing tongue with an inexperienced lack of confidence.

A Virgin Bride for Doctor Hyde Chapter 1, by harrylime
His hand at the back of her head acted as a guide to her mouth and the taste of his manly essence made her impatient to feel his seed shooting into her core on the wedding night.

Add Salt To Taste, by janus
2F/Les/Anal play: Jasmine and Denny have the girly talk, walking along the beach about their boyfriends wanting to move onto butt sex. Later in some nearby ruins they have their first lesbian experience together and trust each other enough to have their sensitive arseholes explored very dirtily.

My bitch's new toy, by Velvetnest
'An husband ain't enough' I snarled to Emma, 'I say you bring this one to heel bitch, this young one.'

The joy of horizontal dancing, by Marymary
Zoe and Alistair combine well. M/F, some humor.

A Different Direction, by Pharoah45
The voyeuristic Spencer has convinced his partner Caron to pose nude for five photographers who are ceating an "erotic, artistic project." They are surprised when they learn that Caron will be posing with Enrique, a stunningly handsome massage therapist.

Adultery-Paige & Pauline, by kiwiYarns
Two women go to the coast to stay the weekend and the electrical storm triggers something.

Ann of The Jungle Chapter 2, by harrylime
I have to admit I was disappointed because he was nowhere close to my special spot that I needed vibrated if I were to have any chance at a good orgasm.

Grateful Gregg, by Velvetnest
look, after my medical problem I can't get an erection, and I shoot bugger all. So it didn't take much to ask Fiona to have him move in.

Samantha forced to obey her younger brother, by SaintofSinners
Samantha is horrified to find she has to do what her younger brother and his friends tell her to. Everything they tell her to.

Adultery-Mrs Polwarth & Gavin, by kiwiYarns
The women's underwear what out drying and the lawnmower man sniffed a pair of the lace panties. What was the watching Mrs Polwarth to do?

Extracurricular instruction, by Marymary
This story was written for a couple of fans - you will know who you are. M/F

Hand reared cock, by Velvetnest
Emma had a way with cock, she worked it till it erupted, getting rid of those nasty urges, wasting that spunk that wasn't needed.

Morning Coffee, by Green_Man
A morning ritual can be enjoyable. Het, M/F

Occupational Hazard, by sdfaulkner

A Tale of Esme (formerly 'Little Miss') Muffet, by JayKayRisque
Fantasy erotica, Not Fit For Nursery!

Adultery-Eve & Fred, by kiwiYarns
Eve is under pressure to become pregnant. Instead of pushing her apprehensive husband to undergo fertility testing she secretly finds a guy willing to try to make her pregnant. The chosen stud is a father of five and that indicates form.

Banging in the Toon part 5 , by AliJ
M/F Groups Slut

Seaside, by cch_217

The Artist - Part Two, by rat-tails
A gay male dom submits his handsome sub to the artist who has him hold a red rose as he makes a series of oil paintings which show his distress as he is caned.

The lord of creation, by Velvetnest
Watching Jermaine kiss my wife emasculates me. He will mount her again, ejaculate into her shivering and receptive body, but the kiss wrecks me still.