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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Little Arab Buttercup - part one, by Green_Man
She was completely taboo, but I wanted her. Het, M/F, Oral, SoloM

My first time, by leonardo

My Introduction To Cuckoldry - continues., by jrpmtp

Step Sibling Encounters: Why teens don’t make their beds., by janus
F/M Het: J’Arnie and Hamish promised to keep their rooms tidy in their new blended household. An intense bedroom quickie by college step siblings

The Girl With the Secret Weapon, by harrylime
After the door to the suite was locked and bolted, they stripped her of all her clothing and made her parade around on the fluffy white carpet on her hands and knees spanking her the entire time.

Welcome to the Working Wank, by cousinsd
Things take a surprising upturn at work who gets caught pleasuring herself by her boss. solof solom, oral, voyeurism,

All Tied Up, by Verity
Ah, bondage - and the agony of love ...

Christmas present, by dave.looker
Xmas is a time for sharing - I shared my wife

Country Girls, by Dirty Knees
His kisses, deep and passionate and his breathing like that of a wild animal.

Daughter Says F+++k Off and Her Mum Hits on Him, by kiwiYarns
Dave is a lucky man and escapes the pain of 'blue balls'. Oink, oink.

In the Club, by BananaAnn
M/F He plays with some titties in the ladies room.

Martha Takes the Case Chapter 5, by harrylime
He had her skirt up and her knickers down in record time and she knew his cream must be bursting to come out at the earliest opportunity.

Step Sibling Encounters: Why teens don’t do the washing up, by janus
F/M Het: J’Arnie and Hamish promised to do their fair share of the washing up in their new blended household. A hot kitchen encounter by two college step siblings

Trading My Assets 1, by alivorst
Carlie is persuaded to sell herself to her cousin and his friend

A Reluctant Master - part four, by Green_Man
The reluctant Master loses control. Het, M/F, Toys, SoloM, SoloF, BDSM, D/s

Cassanova and the Amazon Queen Part 3, by harrylime
It did not take Casanova very long to lower his trousers and give the girl what she so ardently desired.

A Reluctant Master - part three, by Green_Man
My sub continues to train me to be a Master. Het, M/F, Oral, Toys, D/s, F/F, BDSM

Around the world with Professor Peacock - Thailand, by rat-tails
In Bangkok the professor sees kids caned for the pleasure of foreign tourists. In Pataya he enjoys the services of a girl student in his hotel room

Irene’s Infatuation, by kiwiYarns
Irene considers she is a hot babe and yet the coolest guy around Gary ignores her and that makes her keener on him than ever before.

Living the dream, by Rogue Flyer
Intro: Fifth in a series of life at destination of an airline crew. In this story the pilot tries to make most of a five day layover on Mauritius.

My introduction to cuckoldry - consolidated., by jrpmtp
My wife's affair with Doug continues.

Quetzalcoatl's Other Teeshirt. 11., by Camilla
Yes, you can go blind if you keep doing that.

The Depths of the Dry Tortugas, by harrylime
The pirate captain stood up and made her open her mouth to accept his meat leaving her with no dignity at all to bring back to her cabin when he was finished with her.

The first time, by SaintofSinners
Kevin lusts after his best friend's sister, but he never expected this

The Last Flight, by annamagique
Air Stewardess Karen Farmer begins a flight but to where?

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