Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Blondes Make the Best Babysitters, by harrylime
"16 year old girl seeks private employment as babysitter for young couple. No service refused and satisfaction guaranteed."

Gang Bang: Anna's rape, by emmazoe
As I joined the group of girls huddled together Flur whispered to me “Pablo found dried cum all over Anna’s body and clothing and $2,000 in her pouch. He went completely crazy.”

Pleasing me, with Andy's help, by JamesRTickit
Slow pleasuring ending in a fast and furious fuck

With Sabrina (Daddy/daughter incest), by geronimo_appleby
He looks at his daughter

A Fantasy Realised (with lasting consequences), by LovePlayground
My girlfriends fantasy of brutish forced sex with a stranger becomes a reality with potentially lasting consequences. (slutwife, d/s, preg, humil, oral, slave)

Feathered and Caned - Part Two, by rat-tails
The gay English teacher waits for the golden-boy to unclinck his ass cheek muscles before smashing him again while the beautiful Headmistress continues to feather his cock and balls.

Gang Bang: Fucking the genies, by emmazoe
She was screaming; screaming in pleasure in the way Mr Screaming Orgasm seems to achieve with every woman he touches. A rising crescendo terminated by the moans and groans of an orgasm only for it to nearly instantly start cycling over again. Three, then four until he reached his climax and dropped

Miss makes an offer, by JamesRTickit
My secretary smacks a woman who owes me money

Mrs Beattie's Christmas Tree (Young man's first time), by geronimo_appleby
He helps her put up her Christmas tree

My Little Sister's Girlfriend Chapter 9, by harrylime
I paused long enough to spank her bum hard for several moments and the Asian girl looked over her shoulder trying to see her mentor's cheeks turn a nice shade of red.

Possession of the State - Sentenced to Jail (Excerpt 1), by AliGreig
The law has been changed and prison life has become much tougher. Inmates are punished, humiliated and stripped of their dignity rather than rehabilitated. This is one woman's story of being sentenced to jail at the notorious Mile Hill Women's Prison. Can she survive? ENF,Humil,Spank,Fet

Radar Love. 02., by Camilla
Getting little Sara into bed and sorting out her troubles. Second part of this new serial.

Prom, by cch_217
empty classroom quick fix

Radar Love. 01., by Camilla
Leaving work early for a long weekend brings unexpected consequences. First part of a new Escapists Fiction serial.

The One Exception Pt.4, by L May
SoloF, Toys - Elle takes care of some sexual frustration while on the phone to Laura.

The Very Nasty Man part 3, by JamesRTickit
Mother and daughter watch each other. Oral, masturbation. With a little help from two "friends"

Breast Obsesive, part one, Wife accepts a strange proposal., by devonman
MF.Wife stripper, offered a private booking by an older man with a breast fetish.

Caned and Feathered - Part One, by rat-tails
The beautiful headmistress loved to feather the bad boys peckers as they were caned by the nerdish gay English teacher while her secretary washed out their fowl language mouths with soap.

Charnos has a surprise for me, by JamesRTickit
Lingerie, oral

Game, Set and Match Chapter VI, by dixiedean
Kate continues to grow up despite herself and gets help whether she wants it or not. UST.

Gemma , by kayrobbins
Gemma is a friend of Natalie and Candice. Her mum has a new boyfriend. M/f/f.

Lolita Haunts His Reverie, by harrylime
Since there was no other alternative than to seize the bull by the horns, she took off her bottoms and slowly slid into place squatting directly above the tip of the professor's waiting erection.

The Neighbour's Surprising Reaction, by Anukis
Anal, Oral, Exhib,

A Distressed Affair 10, by alivorst
Rafe admits to Jane that Dorrie also works for him as a prostitute and explains how the business works. He persuades Jane to help him recruit a third girl into the business.

Ben's Pain and Pleasure, by JamesRTickit
The first part isn't really erotic, part two definitely will be