Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Boy Willies Are Never as Big as Girl Cocks, by TheOenemal
Daniel is having a boring night at home until his step-sister and her friends arrive. Includes: Futa, Oral, DP, Anal, Fet, Cum.

DCI Sydney Griffin and the Missing Land Girl Chapter 3, by harrylime
He looked down at her in a forceful voice he instructed her to "grab hold of the tree trunk and spread your legs".

Oral education, by Marymary
Very explicit discussion/description of het. oral sex from the male's point of view. Written at the suggestion of a fellow SF member.

Across the Hall, by Harold Jangin
Job transfer, and owning a pickup truck, brings a new situation. het

Desperate Pawn , by janus
2F/2M: Fetish/ Strap-On/Het/Anal: Raedan and Laine will do anything to get to an interstate concert...including trying to pawn their fetish gear. However; the pawn shop brothers prefer kinky voyeur and participatory porn.

Her Sweet Pleasure , by alishamichelle

Limbered Up, by janus
M/F: Het/Anal: Madison’s arse is deliberately left hanging in a climbing frame harness a metre off the floor. Coach James risks it all as he zeroes in on the limbered up delight of his dreams.

The Naked Vegetarian revised 2015, by harrylime
Revision of a 2013 story

Vacation in Humiliation - Pt. 18 & 19, by QuietStranger
Katie and Missy get a new, temporary master in a very special private session. BDSM, Humiliation, Innocence, Anal, non-consent, incest.

Bi-curious Ben, by alishamichelle
Bi, Anal, Fist, Solo M, SI, HJ, Oral.

The Looters of Rule Number One is to Survive Chapter 12, by harrylime
He could hear the tantalizing slurps of depravity in the dark and the twin under his body moved every which way but loose gasping her pleasure with almost empty lungs.

A Women's World Cup Story, by arachnophile52
slut, F, M, M, prostitution

An Office - Feb 2014, by Londonboy1974
Fucking in an office

Exemplary Marriage, by lost.seoul
They attended church and school together, but will take a few years to start their own careers, before getting married...

Performance Passion, by janus
M/F: Het: The makeup room before a stage performance is the location for erasing every trace of my sexual shyness.

The art of twins, part one., by Richie64
Mas/sub/exhib. Ambitious rich girl who sees how she can use her brother. This is just an intro. There is plenty to come if it's worth doing.

The Looters of Rule Number One is to Survive Chapter 11, by harrylime
He liked the way she straddled him naked and then squatted down to take his cock into her secret place moaning her pleasure the entire time.

Boarding school boys Part II, by tomgoodbad
Tom and Sam do some serious exploration: M/M Oral, Anal, CD

Book Store Fun., by XANDA
An encounter between a couple and an unexpected customer, based on real events.

Caught Short, by shyboy
Pee play with a total stranger Het MF Oral WS

Damn Desire, by kiwiYarns
The wife is pregnant again, the husband is horny and not-suprising he begins looking and his married sister-in-law with sex in mind.

Edana, by RandomWriter
It was a routine mission. Bond, Xeno, Fet.

He fucks minds, he fucks my wife, by Velvetnest
We're going away, the three of us, he said. I'm going to fuck your wife and fuck your head too. Then I know you'll do as she says.

Missing You, by Londonboy1974

Quickie: Step Daddy’s Report Card, by janus
M/F: Het/Anal: Chloe puts her body on the line to improve her college report. A’s for arse. A+'s for effort.