Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

A New Kind of Undergrad - Chapter 1, by BiScandi
Undergrad arriving at university and being used by her dorm room mate. FF, D/S, Oral, Anal

Alice Grabs A Ride – Part 3, by shyboy
Alice and Dave find a playmate for a hot threesome – Het MMF Oral Anal Hotwife Bond

Daddy's Girl, by cruiser
My voyeur session spying on my son and his girl leads to lots more! (m/f)

Dark parking lot-[G-79]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe

Pumping and peeing Penny, by Velvetnest
At the party, Theo is giving my wife a length..humiliating. Then though it got worse.

Sister Angelique and the Outlaw Chapter 6, by harrylime
The old timer Nevada came up from the riverbank and took a long distance shot with his Sharps buffalo rifle at the remaining fleeing thief and knocked him out of the saddle like the hand of God.

The Submissive Lady 04, by alivorst
The lady finds an obscene picture of herself on the wall of Duane’s room and agrees to let him tie her to the bed where his brother sees her lying naked. Duane has lost his job and she agrees to lend him money to buy a car.

A Crappy Day-[GH-30]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
glory hole cock sucking and swallowing

Alice Grabs A Ride - Part 2, by shyboy
Dave makes some shocking discoveries and gets to fuck his hot sister-in-law Het M/F Hotwife Rim

Anna and Sam Chapter 05, by annamagique
“Darling, I had a one night stand while I was away. It’s Ok though it was only a woman, you don’t need to worry!”

Cheating On Mom With My Sister, by Harold Jangin
Keeping it in the family. MF, incest

Dealing With Amy's Little Imp, by harrylime
What is a poor Postal Deliveryman to do when a teenaged girl and a female Imp decide he he deserves their favors?

For Our Enjoyment and Yours, by janus
2F/1M: Les Strap-on, Het, Anal, Pegging: College girly fun caught out: but hey these two over sexed nymphets really enjoy sharing a step-daddy’s cock and arse

He's the One, by oldshoes
With a little inside help Juan breaks into a luxury villa. In and out, easy - until he finds the whisky, and the DVDs. SoloM

Tobias owns you too darling, by Velvetnest
Emma lies across the sofa and i lick her snatch. She strokes my hair and we're talking...

Alice Grabs A Ride – Part 1, by shyboy
Dave's offer of a ride gets Alice horny - Het MF SoloF Hotwife Oral

Express Action: The Pool Guy, by janus
M/F: College girls get bored so easily on hot afternoons. Relief is only a pair of shorts away.

Fucking Under the Foredeck, by joanmcarthy
The tease is over as Sam ans Emily unleash their passions

My Best Summer-[GF-09]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
blowjob, swallowing

Out Of This World, by MissNightshade
I didn't know what on earth was happening, it couldn't be real. If it wasn't real, I might as well enjoy it.. Het, First Time, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Alien, Watched,

Ruined orgasm, by Velvetnest
Anders steps down stairs to let the card players in. He has just drilled my wife Nicole and she lies wet and used on the bed...

Taxi Ride With A Stranger, by Joner1983
It had been raining & her blouse was see through, I tried to look away but her large breasts were there for me to see....

Three Days, by cch_217
escapades of going home

30 Hours of it, by joanmcarthy
The first sex that night was just the start of it

A Long Weekend with Katie., by Camilla
It's amazing who you meet in times of need.

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