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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

A Haunting in New Orleans - Part 1, by NightOwl64
Attorney Jennifer Massey is harassed in her new house by the spirit of a dungeon Master.

Caught on Camera, by harrylime
When I started to pull out, she begged me to "leave it in" for a little longer and I was too happy with her performance to deny her wish.

Discipline.An Uncles tale .Part6, by downshorts
Part 7 of Discipline.An Uncles Tale

Garden Party Sex, by KiwiCreator
Sam discovers why he's been invited to a society garden party and it's was the first time for him on a grand stairway.

Keeping Count, by Pigtails_
Online fun. F/M/M humil, SoloF, SoloM, slut

AC/DC, by ebooksBDSMcom

For Fifty Quid., by Camilla
Motor maintenence and servicing Cynthia.

He Looked Familiar , by marlowe
Het - Heterosexual sexual relationship (M/F, Gen)

Kate narrates her threesome with Karen and Greg, by joanmcarthy
If you've ever wondered what Kate thought about her threesome with Karen and Greg, here's her version

Parallel lives, by Amalova
Forgotten: the brilliant yet disfigured girl whose genius facilitated the Industrial Revolution

Three is a Magic Number, by harrylime
The fact that James took possession of my mouth with his huge cock distracted me momentarily but the pleasure of Miss Kim's mouth on my most sensitive location overrode every other sensation I was experiencing.

A Wager at the Big Match, by Canaryguy
Sex v Sport. Was there ever a doubt which one would win!

Awakenings Ch. 17, by goodhusband
SlutWife, Jeanne calls to tell Michael, Mel and Amy about her date with Trent

Car Sex with a Supermarket Loiterer, by KiwiCreator
A sack of spuds has a role to play in casual sex.

Summer Visits (part three), by Green_Man
Summer visits continue. Next is my cousin Livy. Inc, F/F, SoloM, M/FF, Oral

At the crossroads, by Sobekneferu
HJ, Oral, Anal, Slutwife

Attending to Lena , by KiwiCreator
The cool young painter almost bowled over Mrs Castles. Actually he did later.

Blind date BBQ, by Nitemoves
“Oh fuck!, yes fuck me!” she cried out, bent over the table as he took her hard from behind. Fucking that wet cunt, fingering her ass, just wanting to cum so bad.

Exciting and Adventurous Seduction of His wife in Forest Army Camp - 1, by iloveall
The Colonel and I craved the other's wife and land up in an unprecedented dangerous situation.

In the Hands of the Enemy Chapter 11 (Conclusion), by harrylime
She was delighted when he insisted she keep her uniform on as he put her over his knee for 50 hard ones that reddened her cheeks hidden under the official issue undies.

Jan's fisrt full body massasge, by Jan6999
Jan tells her husband her full body massage experience, fucking,ass,pussy,bj,hj,

Nickki and Her White Blanket, by Richard Saxbee
Dumped by her BF in the middle of nowhere, She gets used big time, and on Video.

No Time Part 4, by Dirty Knees
My cock was hard again and she was soaking wet

ONE FOR THE ROAD, by Harnz@@
She couldn't take it he was to be gone for two weeks...

The Invigilator, by janus
F/M Het/Anal: Young foreign resident Mischa will do absolutely ‘everything’ to pass her ESL test.

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