Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Complete Synchronization, by janus
2F/Voyeur/Les/ Anal Insertion: Swimming star Phoebe can’t decide on her sexual preference; till caught out cavorting naked in her home pool by her competition partner Amanda.

Exhibitionist Miss, by SaintofSinners
A prim young maths teacher is shocked to discover the exhibitionist lurking within her

Fran Ash – Prostitute or Born-VIP or Both? Ch. 2, by kiwiYarns
Fran Ash (18) learns the ins and outs of adult sex from a married man who curiously is too uptight to watch her pee. Their association will soon end and in this chapter they are implicated in a highly-charged incident involving wall-thumping fellow renters and the night manager carrying a baseball bat.

The Last Flight. Chapter 5., by annamagique
Karen wakes up alone. Was it just a dream?

The Lost Mission: Part 3, by chathudson
Women running a school for girls in Afghanistan are kidnapped by extremists and sold to finance the extremist's operations.

The Passion of the Possessed, by harrylime
He slowly withdrew and watched his juices start to backflow out of the girl's slit with obscene slowness like lava flowing from the slopes of a volcano unable to be stopped until it reached the very bottom.

Trading My Assets 7, by alivorst
Carly learns about the sex business in a brothel

ALi(CE), by annamagique
Anna's birthday and every wish is granted... ff, massage

Converts to Pleasure, by janus
2F/2M: Het: Two incestuous sisters; Hope and Prudence, seduce two young men distributing religious tracts, on their veranda

Flying High part 4, by shyboy
Mary’s welcome to the UK gets hot and sticky FF, fingering, oral, anal

Fran Ash – Prostitute or Born-VIP or Both? Ch. 1, by kiwiYarns
A winsome school leaver with sexual drive runs off to London with a married man. At this stage she's naïve with mousy brown hair and yes she'll become worldly, colour her hair silver after changing her name to become a standout during her exciting quest to find her place in a great city.

Kate: Breaking in a virgin. Part IV, by joanmcarthy
I made an offer I’ve never actually made before. That’s not to say it hasn’t been taken, just that I’ve never verbally gone so far as to give it freely. “Would you like a no obligation quickie?”

Megan's Wild Ride, by BekBaker
M/F She heard the rumble of his motorcycle before she saw him. She closed the car door and walked toward the place where he parked. He was dressed in leather. When he pulled off his helmet she saw his black curls and blue eyes and she knew she wanted him.

My Journey into the World of Cuckoldry. Part 12., by jrpmtp
1. Clive. 2. Joe. 3. George. 4. Dimitri.

The Lost Mission: Part 2, by chathudson
Two women on foreign mission to set up schools for young girls are kidnapped by extremists.

Tommy's Seduction - Part Five, by rat-tails
Tommy finds out that his aunt Betty has invited some lady friends over for the Big Day when he finally is to lose his virginity.

Yet More Sweet kisses, by loxton
Sex outdoors, Nearly catch sex,

Being Male Mounted, by janus
1F/2M: Het/Anal: Penny is treated as one of the boys when it comes to mountain bike trails. A lyrca tear across her sweet arse cheeks changes how the guys look at her and their route deviates into multiple roots.

Emily's Seduction - part five, by Green_Man
A stepdaughter has a birthday, and her stepfather celebrates. Het, M/F, Spank, Oral, Facial

Kate: breaking in a virgin. Part III, by joanmcarthy
This was a bit of a novelty for me. It had been a long time since guys weren’t in a hurry to get my undies off me and back in those days they showed nothing like Chris’s skills with his fingers; indeed they showed no skill at all.

Motorcycle Romance, by theloveilost
M/F Anal Oral

My young wife seduces and sleeps with our 82 year old neighbor, by cwp342020
My young wife meets our next door neighbor, who notices she is always naked. She begans to tease him and ends up sleeping with him for his first time in many years.

Si Sees More Then She Expected, by TemptMe
M/F F/F Part three of the Story of Si. Written with a friend

The Lost Mission: Part 1, by chathudson
Two women on foreign mission to set up schools for young girls are kidnapped by extremists.

Tommy's Seduction - Part Four, by rat-tails
Prick-teasing Aunt Bee continued to tantilize her nephew as she allows him to dry fuck her with his chastity device on. She also introduces him to the delight of being fucked by her with a strap-on.