Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Doris & her stepson Part 5, by dorispiggy
StepMommy and Stepson finally hooking up

How Lewis owned my husband, by Velvetnest
Lewis said, I don't think you need to dominate Ken, I will. You're my bitch..I'll give him the orders.

Setting up my BFF, by janus
2F/M: How my new straight college bestie became bi and got buggered in the same evening with my boytoy and me

Anna and Sam Chapter. 10, by annamagique
“Your friend? Only when it suits you, Anna, only when it suits you! You’re a user. You don’t care about anybody!"

Blindfolded-[G-50]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
blindfold & used as a play thing by a group of guys

Landing Strip, by janus
M/F: A rough private plane runway emergency results in the willing exposure of a step-sisters cute pussy and leads to her step-brother getting access to more than her spectacular hangers.

Seeing Aubrey, by Velvetnest
Last night, I went to see Aubrey I tell Carol. I have her attention now. I have it for sure!

The Organist's Orgasm, by harrylime
Hyacinth found it a little strange when he dressed her in the robes of an altar boy and told her to keep her face hidden in the cushion as he crushed her from behind.

Brutal realities, by Velvetnest
John made terrible compromises just to remain in my life. Terrible compromises, Luther saw to that.

Emily's Car-park Initiation, by harrylime
His smile was too smug for her liking but she knew it was her own decision to participate and that she would do it all over again if he said, "pretty please".

JESSIE a fragment, by lexiemueller
He lets go of her hips and leans back, his arms loose, his hips pushed forward, and thrusts into her with rapid-fire strokes, trying to generate some friction.

My Friends Man Cave-[E-58]-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe
bi, oral, blowjobs, swallowing

Select Text Colour., by Camilla
Dogs, food and girlfriends all make the world go round.

Strangers on a train, by QuickComfort
M/F, Oral, Exhib, Public. The best train ride ever! “Your going to cum in a train full of strangers. They're gonna hear you beg for my cock. Fuck your so wet, you little slut. Your making me hard hearing your little moans.”

5579 Sergeant Sachs Gazes at me hungrily., by Camilla
So who the hell was the naked man in the lane?

Gardening Maisie's Bush, by shyboy
I discover what a slut my wife really is – Het MMF, Oral, Anal, Slutwife

Spankings-[S-42]-(spanking-blowjob)-part-1-of-1 , by charles-smythe
young lady with spankable butt

Taking Stacey's Anal Cherry Together with my Twin Brother, by BiScandi
Twin brother and sister enjoy each other and fucks brother's new girlfriend, Stacey. 2F/M, incest, anal

The Library (part 2), by Stix
Amanda couldn't wait to finish school that day to race to the library to see if Anne was there.

The Lonely Housewife and the Passionate Postman, by harrylime
The fact that he inserted his other digit up her well-used bum was more of a treat than she wanted him to know and she lifted her ruby red lips to his mouth for his taking.

Three months on, by Velvetnest
Our listening project conversation, the one you can't broadcast on radio 4. A frank appraisal of changing relationships.

A Payback for the Return, by Sobekneferu
Anal, Oral, DP, Exhit, Slutwife, HJ,

After he took me, by Velvetnest
After Tyrone took me, after he left, Keith and I talked.

Cheerleading Drill Team, by janus
7F/M: Affirmative action at my College let me join the previously off limits cheer squad. And did the girls make me welcome? Hell; yes.

Cucky, by dorispiggy
James finds out he has a name for what he really is