Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Dinner and Dessert, by JamesRTickit
MMF, cuckold,oral, fingering

Jane in space part 2, by TheDirtyDuo
Janes first planet, the all female race

'You're irrelevant', by Velvetnest
I flick through the drawings I made of Emma and him. She lying her head on his lap, after sucking him hard. She was begging for his cock...

Jennifer's Re-education Chapter 2, by harrylime
The other girls allowed me to push them out of the way and I took the shaking fellow into my mouth and sucked him until he exploded with a startled shout inside my happy lips.

A Bullet in The Fountain Chapter 5, by harrylime
The maid came in the next morning and quickly backed out giggling without witnesses in the empty hallway at the sight of not just one, or even two, but three naked rumps facing the ceiling like fallen warriors of some desperate battle.

Baby, you can buy my car, by Amalova
Erotic flash fiction for the temporally-challenged car-lover

Dinner Distraction, by BananaAnn
Dinner will have to wait a few more minutes...

God Complex (2), by Rosby
It was meant to be a one night stand... it was becoming a bad habit.

She Drifted into His Life, by kiwiYarns
A semi-hermit artist alone on a tiny island cared for the lost, pretty young woman. Despite her ordeal at sea she pestered him for sex and each time was rebuffed. But she knew rejection wouldn't last.

The Interview, by JamesRTickit
MF, oral

A Break From the Trail, by JustMe
Two women take a break from the trail to visit their boyfriends in a secluded cabin. Exhib, slutwife, Voy

God Complex (1), by Rosby
She's trying to focus on work but dirty thoughts of certain men keep pushing into her mind. She decides to take matters into her own hands - but is that enough?

Pimping Out My BFF Just To See Her Squirm, by harrylime
We snunk under the stairs in the dark place for me to jerk him off quickly despite my anti-incest position.

The Last Flight. Chapter 27., by annamagique
Karen and Jemima...

Laura's Story, by JamesRTickit
FFF, cousins and daughter, oral, daughter fantasy about mother

My Stepsister's Fried Banana Treat, by harrylime
I watched my step-sister go into her lesbian mode licking the poor girl's now exposed nipples which were in all honesty a lot nicer than hers.

Rigorous Schooling for the SAT Exam - Part Five, by rat-tails
Jason is quizzed by the bitch on English usage as he stands at half-mast before her with his cock at its fully upright and locked position. Again she uses the horrid cream and dog whip to try to get it down.

Smoke and Mirrors (2), by Rosby
Ned returns to the bar a week after agreeing to pay a mysterious young man to fix his life's problems, and that young man is all he's been thinking about. He's got the payment, but now he wants a little more for his money.

Young Wife a Stalker Pt. 2 of 2, by kiwiYarns
April photographs her husband being banged by a woman in a sexy nurse's uniform and with this evidence to hand she has to decide what now?

A cure for boredom, by Marymary
Bella initiates Robert, who is bored with their sex life, into a new set of experiences. M/F, h/j, oral, and more

Rigorous schooling for the SAT Exam - Part Four, by rat-tails
Jason does his best to behave and not get a hard on as he stands exposed before the college bitch as she quizzes him on Shakespeare

Sir Robert's Adventures in the Holy Land Part III, by harrylime
Ruth reached down and wrapped her skilled fingers around the base of my buried cock and tickled my balls with her fingers as I drove relentlessly into her closest friend's pretty behind.

Smoke and Mirrors (1), by Rosby
Ned's marriage is on the rocks and neither his affairs nor his drugs seem to satisfy him any more. In the grimy bathroom of a downtown bar he meets an enigmatic young man who offers to fix ALL his problems.

The curious wife , by Jamesa454545
My hot wife sees a street girl and wonders

Cigarette Break, by rogerdbnc
You can't smoke indoors anymore. So let's go outside for a break...