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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Captured and Interrogated 4, by JamesRTickit
Abuse in prison

Jed Finds the Right Woman 1 of 5 parts, by kiwi spinner
Jed (30) is normal young guy who regards females useful for only one thing. Jessica is his sister-in-law who wants to reform him but secretly knows she doesn't. And Kitty? Not much is known about her yet and will she connect with Jed sexually?

Mich says hello, by JamesRTickit
I meet a woman with some very fine attributes

My Brother’s Mates, by janus
F/2M: DP: Rebecca wants a fuckbuddy. She gets both her brother’s mates.

My Masturbation , by HornyBabe
my masturbation story

Orphan Patriarch: 2 , by fablesofanhedonia
a young, hot disciplinatrix places a gun against your bare balls and threatens to annhilate your penis and testicles

Sex crazed man under my bed, by jessandra

Sue's Pronebone Romance, by harrylime
They humped against each other for what seemed like a long time and Sue's sensation of rising passion culminated in a happy orgasm of some strength that shook her slender body like she was suffering from a fever.

Swift's Whore - Part 1, by Wayward
Amalie is a whore with a new client who drives her crazy. Het / HJ / Oral / Slut / Anal / SoloM / F/F M/F M/F/F

A Bit of the Other with My Brother (Part One), by cousinsd
When Carissa catches her younger bro mid-wank and she can’t get it out of her head. incest, brother/sister, soloF, soloM, exhib,

Bloody Weird Shopping, by JamesRTickit
Lingerie shopping for girls and boys and a bit more

Orphan Patriarch: 1, by fablesofanhedonia
a brief S/M meditation on male pain and submission

Ripe Women – 14 of 14 Parts, by kiwi spinner
Scott decides that street photography is not for him and he’ll concentrate on portrait photography. But Gregory announces an offer worth huge bucks for Justine and dollars galore for Scott. The deal means he must add expertise in promotional photography of top-line beauty and fragrance products to his CV.

sisters, by francull
little sister is very assertive and big sis is such a pushover

Anhedonia: The Spectacle of Humiliation, by fablesofanhedonia
the male ego is shattered as the Goddess Anhedonia disciplines a naked male subject/ a meditation on the myth of the strong penis

Captured and Interrogated 3, by JamesRTickit
Agnes suffers more and is locked in a cell with three other women

Hilary, by randyralph
Following several years of sexual frustration this rather shy and reserved lady was finally liberated

IRA & JESSIE - a fragment, by lexiemueller
M/F ORAL I never asked her to go down on me; never so much as hinted at it; this is completely spontaneous on her part.

Private Ceremony., by Camilla
Lady Millicent and me, doing what we've done for thousands of years.

Ripe Women – 13 of 14 Parts, by kiwi spinner
Scott reveals his skill and authority by photographing a sharp-tongue ang influential Jewish woman in the nude, with ghastly make-up and wearing ‘wings’. Justine, now a permanent resident of Manhattan and assisting with the portrait sitting, can’t believe Dinora allows him to speak to her so disgustingly to build the fury he wanted to capture on her face.

Blue crystal butt plug, by Velvetnest
Cheryl lubed the butt plug and telling Ian to take a nice breath, she popped it into his puckering botty hole...

Hannah: A Husband's Last Ride , by fablesofanhedonia
a young dominant wife gives her pathetic husband one last chance to fuck her properly

Madame Min., by Camilla
Madame Min is an old friend, a friend with benefits, a fuckbuddy.

Never cross a woman in heat, by JamesRTickit
Denying Shady

Nick and Bess, by bungdidin
Exib, Oral , Voy

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