Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Aunt Kathy, by bubblesgopop
Leo, gets a great present when he visits his Aunties house the day before his 18th

Big cock fantasy - Part one, by JWren
Jen is happily married but has a big fantasy (Het, toys, hj, oral)

Discipliine -an uncles tale .part 8, by downshorts
The fiinal part of An Uncles Tale.The main event.

Harry Lime's Fetish Handbook Chapter 2, by harrylime
Part 2 of the Fetish Handbook

Misunderstood: Part Three, by chathudson
Two Christian missionaries working overseas are held as spies

Sherlock Holmes and the Naked Lady, by caffieri
The world’s most famous sleuth is besotted with a lady of the theater. Using his cunning and powers of seduction he lures her to his rooms – naked!

The Lonely Home, by rauldavid
PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU LIKED AND DISLIKED ABOUT THIS STORY!!! MUCH APPRICIATED :) How could he? How could he simply walk by, not noticing the intoxicating aura that was suffocating me? Everyday a hatred fill my gut, yearning to unleash it on him. When that day comes, all hell will come undon

West in the 22nd Century : Apple Juice and Citrus (Part 3), by Kurt Rellians
Apple Juice, a locally acclaimed artist, is lured to the beach by her sex crazed younger friend and finds she is finally ready to join in the sexual exhibition.

Basement Partying (part three), by Green_Man
The MILF continues exploring her sexuality with some lovely young ladies. F/FF, Oral, Toys, Anal

How I Got Laid and a Maid in a Trade for Christmas, by cousinsd
A woman drags herself and her boyfriend to a Christmas family gathering and gets the best present ever. bi, lesbian, oral, christmas, incest, anal, tribbing,

Misunderstood: Part Two, by chathudson
Two Christian missionaries overseas are held as spies.

Strangers in the Night, by Canaryguy
Some things you can only do and say to strangers. Mike was so glad he was a stranger ..

Awakenings Ch. 19, by goodhusband
SlutWife, Ruth and David's second trip to Brady's

Exchanging with a Student, by cousinsd
A mother agrees to take in a foreign exchange student for the summer as a favor to her daughter. They end up teaching each other some very interesting lessons. oral, bi, solo f,

For a Few Quid More., by Camilla
I came from a long way away to screw her, not to argue with her.

Here?!, by Mags
Sex here? Seriously?! (exhib; MF; public sex; oral;)

Misunderstood: Part One, by chathudson
Two Christian missionaries are working overseas and held on suspicion of spying

Movie - What Movie, by Sobekneferu
Anal, Oral, Exhib, Slutwife, HJ

Mud Sucking Parasite, by rauldavid
The becoming of a Dominatrix, emotionally captivating but finishing with raw sex; anal and submission

My Daughter's a Porn star too., by andy8192
Sarah (redundancy notice) discovers she isn't the only porn actress in the family when she meets her new co-star. Mother-Daughter MMFF

My Throbbing Body Sir?, by KiwiCreator
Annie in a mini-dress bends over the lowest filing drawer and that sends the managing director’s hand to his struggling erection. Her plan is to rise above her station.

10-15 Minutes, by J.F JAMES

A Birthday Treat, by Canaryguy
John gets back from a long business trip just in time for his birthday. His naughty wife, Vicky had arranged the perfect welcome and present for him! Second in a series - See 'A Weekend Away'

Afternoon Delights , by BDSM_babe
A sexy story about orgasm denial, BDSM, oral and some very, very deep throating.

Basement Partying (part two), by Green_Man
A MILF continues to explore her sexuality with young people. Het, M/F, M/FF, Oral