Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Cruising Predators at the Gym, by kiwiYarns
The time and place for hot flushes and deep pentration for Lucretia is mid-morning at the gym.

The Depths of the Dry Tortugas Chapter 7, by harrylime
The young ocotroon stripped down to her silk undies and assisted me by spreading her mistresses' flanks for my heated insertion.

The Generational Gape, by janus
3F: Intergenerational lesbians. Yes boys: Gran, mum and me.

Breakdown, by janus
3F/2M: Voy/ Anal: An outback breakdown gives two guys the opportunity to crack open some willing femarse.[Chastity, Erica & Beth’s road trip goes Outback]

Great with His Hands, by kiwiYarns
Toni is one of those women who have difficulty ending up with quality bangs.

Katie, plus two, by Marymary
Katie (see two previous stories) gets an interesting proposition from twin 22 year old brothers. Het (M/F), lots of sex, including oral.

Silly Sandy Scared Sober, by monika

Sister Angelique and the Outlaw Chapter 4 & 5, by harrylime
Her wails of pleasure could be heard down the hallway reaching into Nana and Baby Girl's room making them smile with sure knowledge Angelique was having as much fun as the man with the gold dust.

Kitty and Byron and Eve’s Enhancer, by kiwiYarns
Risqué humour involving sex and product marketing and helping the money to roll in,

My sub nephew, part two, by Mel S
sub, mas, exhib

Not My Sister's Keeper Chapter 9, by harrylime
I allowed Mister Jolly to take me on all fours on the fluffy white carpet. the huge skylight shone down on my ivory cheeks getting pounded by his less than gentle shagging style and I loved ever minute of it.

one house, by beautifulfairy
fff live in one house together, what could go wrong?

My sub nephew., by Mel S
mild sub, seduction, near incest. With the help of a friend, a dream came true.

Not My Sister's Keeper Chapter 8, by harrylime
I donned the costume of the hunt and stood in front of the mirror with the vicious little riding crop in my hand whacking it hard on my curved buttock just to get a taste of being whipped into submission by a predator of a different sort.

Taxi For 2., by XANDA
The true story of a taxi driver picking up a couple.

A Real Sex Education, by Secret.Identity.x
This school doesn't go easy on sex ed....

Dildo Time Warp, by janus
F/3M/Dildo /Voy /Het/Insertion /Anal: Young Gillian McMasters uncovers an ancient dildo on an archaeological dig site. It is so beautifully crafted she has to test it out. Problem is: she has an unintended audience. Let’s just say from there: The Ancients didn’t have a monopoly on filthy activity.

Not My Sister's Keeper Chapter 7, by harrylime
My trio of tormentors took turns using my mouth to keep them hard as they tag-teamed my reddened bum repeatedly opening my heart-shaped Christmas present with juvenile glee.

Our neighbours fucking her now, by Velvetnest
We had a row and Kirsty came on to him next door, the fucking lothario. He shafted her and kept shafting her. I've begged her to stop, begged her.

Satanic Seduction, by NaughtyAnnie
Well, wouldn't you give in to temptation for the promise of wealth and success? (M/F)

The Locker Room, by Nox661
Two girls having fun in the locker room

A Male Service for Gym Bunnies, by kiwiYarns
A guy joined the gym for rehab on his leg but that wasn't the only exercise he got. Gym bunnies soon were using him for sexual work-outs.

Bad teacher Part 4, by SexyPussy

Not My Sister's Keeper Chapter 6, by harrylime
I felt those lips tease my folds and I wanted to shout out "it isn't necessary" but the pleasure kept me silent and I started to shudder with uncontrollable trembling.

The Holiday, by Stix
Sarah was left alone with Ebony, would they be ok? FF