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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

'Dr Jones' a Phantom Night-time Therapist, by KiwiCreator
Debbi is receiving treatment for sexual abuse trauma and unexpected assistance comes from a late night caller.

Awakenings Ch. 23, by goodhusband
SlutWife, Michael, Amy and Mel hear about Jeanne, Abby and Ruth's night at the Goldenrod Supper Club

Barbed Wire Showdown Chapter 3, by harrylime
This is basically a Western genre story but this chapter is a bit erotic and so classified.

Caroline's secret, by Amalova
Though her head is full of fairies and fantasy, a young girl aches to be a woman

The Last Time, by marlowe
Het - Heterosexual sexual relationship (M/F, Gen)

The Principal Made Me What I Am, by Green_Man
My spanking fetish almost ruined my marriage. Spank, Oral, Toys, Fet, Rim, F/M/F

Back Home, by SpencerF
Just because the holidays have finished, the fun doesn't have to stop

Frantic, by Nitemoves
He could only watch as she lay groaning on bed, her hand slowly rubbing between her legs as her orgasm subsided

I'm Just So Fucking Good at Treating Him Bad, by cousinsd
A chance and embarrassing encounter in a parking lot leads to a life time of sexual humiliation for a poor man at the hands of his unspeakably cruel dominatrix who quite likes him. Humiliation, oral sex, bisexual, masturbation,

The Truth About Vampires, by Green_Man
Revealing the true nature of vampires today. Het, M/F, F/F, Oral, Fist, Anal, Rim,

"The Trip", by Big Cat
His wife’s constant referral to the intimacy she had shared with Beatrice, the explicit language of it, was he supposed to enjoy that?

A Pornographer's Tale: The Mallorcan Commission, by Canaryguy
This episode of 'A Pornographer's Tale' sees Erik and Mariann in Mallorca to record a custom made porn film for their clients, Victor and Sibi. A video that will be full of girl on girl and group action!

An Offbeat Entrapment, by KiwiCreator
An overly protective father and a tentative suitor are out-flanked by a smart young woman who wants a seed fertilized.

And You Think Your Job Sucks!, by cousinsd
A young woman, down on her luck, is forced into the world’s oldest occupation, servicing the world’s most corrupt occupation. Hetero sex, humiliation, oral sex, anal sex,

Kidnapped by a Female Biker Gang, by harrylime
She screamed bloody murder and promised all sorts of revenge but when the magic moment of her orgasm arrived she became all sweetness and light and begged me not to stop.

My Aunt. Chapter 22, by annamagique
Victoria gets a rude awakening

One side of the story, by Piombino

The Mirrored Dimension, by harrylime
His cock was poised like some bloodthirsty spear right at her entrance and she realized that this was going to be the end of her virginal status forever.

The Seducer, by Sobekneferu
DP, Anal, Slutwife, HJ, Oral

A-List Annie, by KiwiCreator
The beauty took off her dress in the male toilets at a tavern and said she wanted to talk to him.

Blackmailed by the boss chp 7, by missanonymous101
Bad girl. Interracial, reluctance, erotic, bdsm.

Blind passion, by channing
erotic, sensual, solo, well endowed.

Bored and in need for a fucking, by Jan6999
My friend and I went to a store that sells sex items, the back has a small porno theater bj,ass,fucking, multiple males

Jill The Jinx, by harrylime
The middle-aged woman was hiding her anticipation of a good fucking well but her slick channel walls betrayed her decadent thoughts.

Walk All Over Me, by Green_Man
Discovering that one has a foot fetish. Het, M/F, SoloM, SoloF, Oral

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