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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

A Halloween Treat - m/f-teens (16) 1st, reluct, by hedinsen
Its Halloween night and anything can happen. Trick or treat to pranks can happen. The ghouls and spirits come out to play. One demon needs more than just play; he wants one particular girl that night and lures her into his lair.

A Mummy’s Boy Finds Life Has Choices, by KiwiCreator
Gerry has led a somewhat sheltered life and his interest in a young woman with a baby takes on unexpected twists.

A Very Naughty Girl, by Mags
She's a naughty little cum-slut with a vivid imagination! (slut, Bi, orgies, oral, exhib, masturbation)

My Aunt. Chapter 19, by annamagique
The Police, the Army and a shock for Victoria

Seven Parsecs is Not That Far Chapter 2, by harrylime
She didn't mind the touch of the skin or the fact his thing was poking into the rear end of her slit but the feel of his hair in odd places all over his body made her shudder with the desire to upchuck her recently eaten tubes of sustenance.

Summer Visits (part four), by Green_Man
My college room mates make a visit and meet my mother. Inc, Het, MMM/F, Oral, Anal, DP, SoloM

The Balcony, by janus
F/M: Het & Voyeur: James can’t resist Rachel’s inviting body on the balcony of their hotel.

A Haunting in New Orleans - Part 2, by NightOwl64
Attorney Jennifer Massey is harassed in her new house by the spirit of a dungeon Master.

Awakenings Ch. 18, by goodhusband
SlutWife, Jeanne tells Michael, Mel and Amy more about her date with Trent

Forced into Submission, by Sobekneferu
HJ, Oral, Anal, Slutwife DP

Mrs Robinson Nails a Teen at the Beach, by KiwiCreator
The mother-of-three doesn't think her pussy will be too big for the lad (16).

Rewards, by RandomWriter
Simply being a good friend can get you a lot. M/F, Oral.

Sister Immaculata's Dilemma, by harrylime
She opened her mouth wide and gobbled up the huge thing even though she could only get about halfway down the shaft without gagging.

The Perfect Night, by Mags
Unleashing her lust on a man she'd just met... (MF het)

A Haunting in New Orleans - Part 1, by NightOwl64
Attorney Jennifer Massey is harassed in her new house by the spirit of a dungeon Master.

Caught on Camera, by harrylime
When I started to pull out, she begged me to "leave it in" for a little longer and I was too happy with her performance to deny her wish.

Discipline.An Uncles tale .Part6, by downshorts
Part 7 of Discipline.An Uncles Tale

Garden Party Sex, by KiwiCreator
Sam discovers why he's been invited to a society garden party and it's was the first time for him on a grand stairway.

Keeping Count, by Pigtails_
Online fun. F/M/M humil, SoloF, SoloM, slut

AC/DC, by ebooksBDSMcom

For Fifty Quid., by Camilla
Motor maintenence and servicing Cynthia.

He Looked Familiar , by marlowe
Het - Heterosexual sexual relationship (M/F, Gen)

Kate narrates her threesome with Karen and Greg, by joanmcarthy
If you've ever wondered what Kate thought about her threesome with Karen and Greg, here's her version

Parallel lives, by Amalova
Forgotten: the brilliant yet disfigured girl whose genius facilitated the Industrial Revolution

Three is a Magic Number, by harrylime
The fact that James took possession of my mouth with his huge cock distracted me momentarily but the pleasure of Miss Kim's mouth on my most sensitive location overrode every other sensation I was experiencing.

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