Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

A young man, his mother and his sexy cousin - family love. Part 2, by GutterrhymesEsq
Aaron cums inside mommy as his cousin directs the scene.

Beautiful Aunty Jean (Incest), by geronimo_appleby
Carl sees his aunt in her bikini.

Daughter Knows Best, by lanceileen
Our marriage was failing until our daughter gave me a helping hand.

I Tease You Till You Break., by hunter18
I think the title gives it away. (Oral, Teasing and Fingering).

Mama Juju and the Black Mamba Man, by Stormbringer
Voodoo, revenge and a huge black cock (a little black magic)

My Aunt. Chapter 6, by annamagique
Victoria opens the door to an unexpected visitor

Tess and Thomas Hardy, by Stokeadh
Lenoard has an erotic encounter with Tess, an A level student, which is more complicated than he realises.

The Happy Interrogator, by harrylime
Lily felt a stab of pity for him because he had spurted with enough force to drive her into immediate orgasm.

The Nurse, by donv90
The Nurse, Natasha (pt 1): anal; bi; exhib; preg; rim; TS; slutwife

The Wet Diaries of Emmarentia Pendragon Part 2, by Pendragon
Emmarentia finds out more about her future mother-in-law

25.New Toys...Chapter 6; Part 2: Inside A Perverse Mind, by NewLeaf
M/F. Het. D/s. Life whirls deeper into a puzzle. As Rick hurries home, Cass and her colleague, Martin attempt to learn all they can about their stalker.

An Afternoon in The City Chapter 2, by harrylime
Chapter One was in 2013 This story is highly erotic Recommend over 18 only.

Camouflage, by janus
Het. Unexpected sex following a bush pee. “She didn’t care what hole got his marvellous heated meat…she couldn’t lose here…her sopping flexible coochie shaped greedily as the immediate winner, meeting his stiff cock.”

Jaime Goes Black, by Stormbringer
Continuing the E&I Enterprises Story. A pornstar finally tries huge black cock (Interracial, BBC, huge cock, Male Domination).

Julie and The Rack, by NightOwl64
Julie agrees to help fulfill a fantasy, only to find herself tied to a home-made rack, and at the mercy of her sadistic boyfriend who has a passion for tickle torture.

Surrogate, by Oneiria
A new job works out well (BDSM)

The Wet Diaries of Emmarentia Pendragon - Part 1, by Pendragon
Emmarentia meets her potential future in-laws, and immediately senses an attraction towards her fiance's father

Anticipation, by Sam_Devine
She screamed her answer at the bed sheets. The tsunami began at her stomach. Tendrils reached through her viscerally, clawing their way through her insides as they made their way down to the aching insides of her groin.

Groomed, by janus
Het.Young female pet groomer dogged. “His teeth …lowered her panties from her left hip…then her right hip…lower and lower…her mouth watered with the slow growing anticipation…he was on the cusp of pushing her to unbearable waiting…”

It’s Friday evening, Rick is away and I am horny., by Jan6999
I called a friend who has had me a few times and told him I needed action, bj,ass,pussy,dp,mm/f

Lance: The King of Ring Sting II, by Mr. Fleetwood
Qiang's anus gets knighted by His Majesty

Sexy saleswoman makes an unusual salespitch . . . .Het, exhib, MMMM/F

Sexual Apocalypse, by Oneiria
A gene war gone amok. (Xenophilia)

Umeki Does Duty for Her Best Friend's Son, by harrylime
Her juices gushed without control and young Tony spanked her bottom to let her know she hadn't asked for permission first.

A Helping Hand, by marlowe
Heterosexual relationship (M/F,Gen)