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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

ADAM to ATOMs CH-3, by Privateer
Continuation of Ch-1, and Ch-2, with a Sales Offer for Other Severn Chapters of this Book!

His Boss, My Pussy, by cousinsd
A sexually dominated wife decides to even the score on her husband by fucking his boss. domination, humiliation, oral sex, masturbation, anal, bondage, threesome

Marcie Behind Bars at Christmas, by harrylime
Marcie stood in the shower with the warm water trickling down her arm onto her fingers buried in her excited opening daydreaming about Collin's thick cock exploring her with gentle strokes.

Milked Before School - Milking Two, by rat-tails
Oversexed Tommy must be milked daily before school with the assistance of the cane

ADAM to ATOM CH-2, by Privateer
Aftermath of Nuke attack follow on

It started with a click, by Jellybaby69
Right now, looking at her picture with her sexy words in my mind conjuring up images of having her bent over, that little denim skirt pulled up, me fucking her from behind, I had a fully-fledged boner... (M/F het/SoloF/SoloM)

Knocking on Mister Shaw's Door (Mature male/Younger female), by geronimo_appleby
She's got the hots for Mr Shaw

Princess Alicia Requires Penetration, by harrylime
The combination of one of her hands on his cock and the other in his rump soon had young Johann begging her not to stop under any circumstances.

Stocking Tops Ch. 01 , by KiwiCreator
A senior pupil is expelled from boarding school after being found in bed with another lad and both were wearing silk stockings. Lee is sent in disgrace to his young aunt in America who wears practically nothing and simmers with sexiness.

The Teasing Teen Twins, by monika

A quiet evening in turns dirty with my fuck buddy, by iamsecretj
Working my shaft with her hand and sucking and licking around the head of my cock, she repeatedly deepthroats me, then jerks my cock with her hand, leaving trails of saliva between my cock and her chin as she does so. Oral, HJ, Toys, FemDom

ADAM to ATOM ch-1, by Privateer
Nuke Attack Aftermath,Motorcycles, Ladies Mild Sex,Gunfighting,

Baptism by Fire, by khushbu
Bi, Hotwife, Slut, Oral, SoloF: As Iona and her boss Andrew get steamy and sticky in bed they have a surprise guest

Barbed Wire Showdown Chapter 7 (conclusion), by harrylime
This is the conclusion of the Erotic Western story. Hope you enjoyed it.

Fuckmeat 14 (cumslut fetish), by geronimo_appleby
Sharon is a cum-whore

Irresistible Desires (Gay Male), by geronimo_appleby
James can't help but suck Simon's cock

Milked Before School - Milking One, by rat-tails
Oversexed Tommy must be milked daily before school

My teacher, Mrs S. , by paper bag
Student has a short-term sexual relationsship with his Polish exchange teacher

Pulling Down Panties, by KiwiCreator
Joey hits on his kid brother's adult baby sitter for advice on how to persuade his dates to go all the way sexually.

Sex for an A, by DragonLover94
College senior has sex with her GTF for an A and ends up playing with her roommate to finish off. Het, F/F

What Sue wants Sue gets......Part 2, by Erhedscriber
When you can't have it what can you do? Preg, dom.

A Most Unwanted Preasent (slutwife), by geronimo_appleby
She's a hot wife, with an itch.

Alone with Sultry Nicola, by KiwiCreator
He went to the beach cottage thinking the lonely Mrs Graham might use the opportunity to grab a piece of him. Well she did have great tits.

Awakenings Ch. 28, by goodhusband
SlutWife, Jeanne and Michael both find new friends

Barbed Wire Showdown Chapter 6, by harrylime
There was one drunken dance hall girl out on the front porch stretched obscenely over an empty saddle used to cushion her body as the rowdy cowboys rode her flanks for their pleasure.

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