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Erotic stories Genre.

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic stories genre.

Accidental Voyeurs 2 - The other couple, by sookienorthman
Fuck! I want her so bad, my cock is throbbing in my shorts, twitching every time I imagine it inside her. Right now, at this very point in time, all I can think about is ramming my cock inside that pink parted slit and fucking myself senseless in her warm wet cunt.

Cumming hot and hard Downunder, by Nitemoves
Gone are the panties and T-shirt, replaced by naked breasts with hard nipples and a wonderful shaved pussy with those large proud inner lips that always grip my cock so nicely as it slides in the wetness between them.

Fecund, Fucking and Football, by cousinsd
When a husband can’t bring himself to have sex with his young pregnant wife, she quickly goes out and finds someone who will. Het, oral, solof, voy,

Fun Several Ways, by Green_Man
I join the Air Force and have some straight and bi-sexual adventures. M/F, M/M, Het, Bi, Oral, WS

In the Hands of the Enemy Chapter 6, by harrylime
They dueled and twisted and licked until their blended saliva seemed to mingle with the loss of their individual identities.

A Teacher's Pet, by Green_Man
I help my student in college in more ways than one. Het, M/F, Oral, Anal

Awakening sleeping beauty 2 - the beast, by Nitemoves
Fuck, that feels so good, my naked lover curled up on the bed with my cock in her mouth. Reluctant to have her stop, but wanting that musky wet slit between her legs even more

Diane part six with Gail ultomate revenge and Diane is not in it , by drew
boy on girl on boy on boy incest

Discipline-An uncles tale, by downshorts
Memories of years ago when the author,Uncle James,was asked to look after his 17year old nephew and neice twins,Simon and Susan.They had been brought up alone by his brother who was a very strict disciplinarian and expected Uncle James to follow suit!!

My wife's purrfect pussy, by Nitemoves
“Fuck my cunt!” she begs me, scrambling onto all fours, her legs open wide, that perfect wet slit open and waiting for my hard cock

The gift of giving me one, by sookienorthman
Over and over I feel him slide in and out, god it feels so good! the thick shaft fills me up completely, the large head of his cock rubs against the walls of my pussy as we fuck like animals...

The Looters of Rule Number One is to Survive Chapter 7, by harrylime
When she wrapped her soft red lips around his shaft, Desmond came close to a premature ejaculation for the first time in his life.

A housekeeping Maid started it all - second time lucky, by GutterrhymesEsq
Het, cunnilingus,anal creampie, slutwife...Titus Van Der Plank gets lucky, again. And there is a twist in the tale!

An Adventure In Crossdressing: The Lesson (Part 1), by NigellaM42
CD - Cross Dressing

Cumming to her own clip, by Nitemoves
I watch transfixed as you part your legs wide, thrusting your fingers so hard and fast into your drenched opening. You start to sigh and then moan, fuck, you are cumming

My Wife was Bi , by David2true
Bi-Sexual Female

Seductive Neighbors (part three), by Green_Man
The neighbor's wife discovers Paul seduced her daughters, and gets seduced. Voy, Het, M/F, SoloF, Toys, SI, Oral, Anal, Slutwife

The Bloodlines of the Bayou Clans, by harrylime
It was one of those slam bang thank you ma'am screws that drained you of all your juices and left you with a sense of wondering what came next.

Unexpected Wake-Up Call, by TheChameleon

A German doctor’s adventures at the Annual Royal Zulu Reed Dance., by GutterrhymesEsq
Het, Bi-, A young German medical student and his girlfriend find themselves surrounded by topless and pantyless Zulu maidens at the Zulu King's annual Reed Dance....the African spring is an aphrodisiac!

Giving her the 'Big one', by Nitemoves
Even as she is still cumming, her body in spasms, I reach forward and slide two fingers inside that drenched clenching opening.

Leaky Pipes, by beccabecalm
Sam noticed Kate as soon as she moved into his apartment complex but hasn't known how to approach her. When she asks him over to fix the broken pipes in her kitchen he soon realises that she might have an ulterior motive.

No Time Part 2, by Dirty Knees
It’s not all about getting laid but that’s a big part of it.

On The Lakeshore, by Green_Man
My wife and I become exhibitionists. Het, M/F, Oral, Exhib, Anal

One Stormy Night, by retrogirl
Solo F Oral Sex D/s. She is fantasising about her employer, he catches her.

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